Sari Organik – A Culinary Gem Hidden in Ubud’s Paddy Fields


The organic dining scene in Ubud, Bali is flourishing. Health food restaurant Sari Organik is one of the pioneers that every foodie traveller should make a point to dine at. It is, undeniably, our favourite eatery among the gorgeous paddy fields in Bali.

The humble eatery first opened about 12 years ago with a focus on organic and sustainable produce. The family-run business is located right in the remote rice paddies where cars are prohibited to traverse through. You have to arrive either via a motorbike or by foot – which is quite a walk, but well worth it.

Despite its obscure location, the green restaurant sees no lack of patrons on a daily basis.

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Do be warned that a walk from the main road to Warung Bodag Maliah at Sari Organik can take up to 20 minutes – which will be quite an issue on a sweltering day.

If you are getting to the famous eatery via a scooter, do be extra careful as the pathways are narrow and bumpy.

Sari Organik

Should you overcome the challenges of getting to Warung Bodag Maliah at Sari Organik, you will be rewarded handsomely with a stunning, panoramic and tranquil view of Ubud’s countryside.

And that’s not it! The award-winning eatery’s menu also boasts an amazing selection of wholesome nutritious chemical-free Balinese dishes at extremely affordable prices.


The ambience at Sari Organik is delightfully serene. Those worn out from hectic city lifestyles will be thrilled by this countryside’s peacefulness like we were.

Kickstart your day at Sari Organik by indulging in a hearty and healthy meal, admiring the gorgeous scenery that you can never get in a busy city, and simply unwind in the nothingness. It is precisely such simplicity that we find liberation in.

Sari Organik also has delivery services, but of course, nothing beats dining at the famous eatery itself for the true experience.

Sari Organik
Subak Sok Wayah, Ubud. Tel, Bali – Indonesia
Tel: +62 361 972 087
Daily: 8am – 8pm

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