Rainbow Roti Sai Mai – Unicorn Candy Floss Crepes In Singapore

Fairy Floss Singapore

Let’s face it – colourful food/ snacks/ desserts always get our attention. Whether they are bright or pastels, be it the popular Rainbow Bagels or Tie-Dye Pastel Macaroon Ice Creams, we are always drawn to these out-of-the-norm food that are super pretty.

Entrepreneurs are starting to see the trend in pursuing ideas similar to this.

Fairyfloss, a brand new snack concept, is one. They try to be different with their rainbow Roti Sai Mai that are really colourful crepes that are actually already a popular snack in Thailand. Essentially a well-loved cotton candy treat in the country, Fairyfloss gave theirs a magical touch and because we are suckers like that, you have this story to read today.

So what exactly is this Rainbow Roti Sai Mai that you should totally get your hands on?

Fairy Floss Packaging

Roti Sai Mai is generally eaten as a dessert or casual snack in Thailand, but Fairyfloss has branded their concept in a way that is more hands-on, where you can actually make these rolls yourself. DIY unicorn candy floss crepes, anyone? ‘Create your miracles’ is just about right!

The store is located inside CT Hub 2 industrial building. When you enter CT Hub 2, walk straight into the sheltered area just after the entrance and Fairyfloss will be on your left. It is hard to miss the shop as the entire area is generally unoccupied.

Not the most accessible, but they have since introduced a ‘drive-through’ concept where you can call in advance, then grab your order to go via the back of the shop.

There is only one item available – the deconstructed rolls. With all their ingredients made from scratch, the rolls are best eaten right after you roll them up to prevent the sugar from melting unceremoniously.

Fairy Floss Rolled

A packet of floss (choice of two colours) and 10 crepes (S$12.90) is the standard set and pricing, and you can add a dollar for every other colour you want. The colours are on rotation, but we were lucky enough to get pink and green!

You are supposed to “pinch” and pick up the desired amount of floss based on your preference and roll them crepes up. We thought the crepes looked sloppy as they were too long, so a trick will be to slice it in half in the centre so that you can have yours more bite sized.

Flavour wise, well it was just as we expected. The crepe did not taste like much, slightly savoury yet slightly sweet. The floss was basically your regular candy floss. These are snacks that play on aesthetics more, so don’t get your hopes too high up for something that tastes extraordinary.

That said, this would still be a great centrepiece for any party you are hosting, and you can either let your guests roll their own unicorn crepes, or opt for “manpower” from Fairyfloss to be the booth attendant for the day – with a cost, of course.

If you find Fairyfloss familiar, it is also because they are often seen at events such as the iLight Festival at Marina Bay.

114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2
Singapore 338729
Tel: +65 9180 3914
Mon to Fri: 12pm – 7pm
Sat & Sun: 1pm – 6pm
Nearest Station: Lavender

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