10 Benefits of Coconut Oil That All Health Junkies Should Know About

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Coconut oil – extracted from the flesh of coconuts – wields numerous health and beauty benefits so amazing that even A-list celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Gwnyeth Paltrow are self-proclaimed fans of this natural supplement.

The super food is extremely versatile, and besides using it in cooking, coconut oil can be used for hair care and on your skin too.

From boosting brain function, moisturising your skin to facilitating weight loss, here are 10 Benefits of Coconut Oil That All Health Junkies Should Know About.


Coconut oil’s components of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) encourage the production of ketones – to put it simply, it improves your memory. Researchers conducted a comprehensive study a decade ago and the groundbreaking results of boosting brain function were published in the journal, Neurobiology of Ageing.


Studies have shown that coconut oil can block approximately 20% of the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. While that amount is still under the recommended Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 30, coconut oil when used together with other sunscreen products can protect you superbly well from the sun.

Now, you need not worry about getting sunblocks with super high SPFs because that is when applying coconut oil directly onto your skin helps too!

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Coconut oil is a popular alternative for cooking oil and it is actually very beneficial to our digestive system. The saturated fat content of coconut oil possesses antimicrobial functions and the consumption of it helps to exterminate bacteria, fungi and parasites that cause digestion-related issues.

Think of using coconut oil for stir-frying your vegetables, or when making desserts. It gives a very pleasant hint of tropical sweetness, too!


The addition of coconut oil in your food can also help to facilitate weight loss, especially when it comes to reducing stubborn fats in the abdomen area. This is due to the fact that coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids, which are processed differently; as a result, one’s capacity to metabolise fat increases.

Who says oils are fattening? This one here helps you to lose weight!

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Coconut oil is usually used in massages and spas for a reason: The scent helps to slow your heartbeat rate and automatically calms you down.

A study done by Columbia University has confirmed that those who inhale the fragrance of coconut will indeed experience soothing effects. That’s a cost-effective way to stay sane and happy!


Coconut oil is a reliable moisturiser and works on all types of skin. Besides its moisturising function, coconut oil’s antioxidant properties delay ageing effects and common skin problems such as eczema.

Now you know why coconut oil is found in the ingredient components of many body creams, lotions and soaps! If you fancy, lather on some coconut oil onto your body every night before you sleep.

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The prolonged use of chemical shampoos could harm your scalp and leave you with unsightly, flaky and itchy dandruff. Do you know that the vitamins in coconut oil are very nourishing and effectively reduces sebum build up, hence allowing your scalp to heal? Well, now you do and you should start including coconut oil in your showers.


When used as a mouthwash, coconut oil can significantly improve one’s dental health by purging bacteria, reducing nasty breath and improve overall gum health. New York cosmetic dentist Marc Lowenberg has explained that the coconut oil merges with the mouth’s toxins, thereby reducing the levels of plague too.

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It is no secret that coconut oil is a powerful natural ingredient in protecting one’s hair from damage. Coconut oil’s ability to lock in moisture makes it an excellent deep conditioner. Your tresses will look shinier and feel infinitely silkier with regular use of coconut oil.


A 2012 research by National University of Malaysia’s Faculty of Medicine has proven that virgin coconut oil plays a part in preventing osteoporosis – this is because coconut oil is essentially jam-packed with rich antioxidant compounds which reduces the loss of bones.


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