McDonald’s Next – We Take A Look At The New McDonald’s In Hong Kong

McD Next HK

If you thought that McDonald’s Create Your Taste (CYT) was a great leap forward for fast food chains worldwide, be prepared to be blown away by their latest concept – McDonald’s Next recently launched in Hong Kong, and is the world’s first and currently only outlet.

McD Next Salad Bar

This spanking new concept in the heart of Hong Kong adds on a D.I.Y salad bar menu on top of burgers and whatnot. The interior is also nothing quite like the McDonald’s you know.

Table service happens after 6pm daily here at McDonald’s Next. Also, choose from a selection of premium coffee beans.

We ventured to Admiralty in Hong Kong to check out all that McDonald’s Next has to offer. Here is what you can expect from the new McDonald’s.

McD Next Counter


Quite unlike any other McDonald’s in the world, McDonald’s Next is sort of futuristic-looking and pretty sexy.

The interior was the first thing that caught our attention; we have never seen any McDonald’s outlet anywhere that looked this chic and sleek. Seats were abundant and aplenty, and the overall ambience is nice to relax over food or coffee.

McD Next Touch Screen Ordering


You can order your D.I.Y burger or salads from the touch screen menus. Then, pay using your Octopus (MTR or train) Card or a Credit Card. Grab a locator and head over to your seat, and your order will be sent to you directly.

Wet napkins are provided, too. Talk about the difference in service!

McD Next Menu


The menu is pretty extensive.

Over at the salad bar, the choice of salad bases were rather mediocre, though. If you are fine with iceberg lettuce, go ahead and grab a salad. You have a whole range of toppings such as sweet corn, asparagus, quinoa & cous cous, bacon, grilled chicken, crayfish mayo and more.

The salad that we picked out was fresh but as we said, the salad base was nothing to shout about. The crayfish mayo however, was absolutely delicious and that made the entire meal worthwhile. The nice cardboard packaging also makes it a really convenient to-go meal.

But we say stick to the burgers. The burger choices are part of the Create Your Taste (CYT) line and it is pretty much the same menu we have in Singapore.

Everything ordered via the touch-screen menu will be served to you directly with cutlery and wet towels.

McD Next HK Food & Coffee

The coffee choices are pretty impressive as well. There is a range of flavoured coffee, and you can pick from a variety of coffee beans from all over the world. Premium teas are also available for non-caffeine drinkers as well.

We settled for a Hazelnut latte (HKD$30) and an Orange Mocha (HKD$30). The latter was really robust in flavours and reminded us a lot of the orange-flavoured Van Houten chocolates.

AirCharge Ports McD Next


If your gadgets are running low on battery, you can have them recharged easily on some of the tables here. Take a short break in between shopping, and grab a coffee while your phone recharges.

In the mean time, you can also enjoy the free wifi provided.

McD Next Interior

If you are in Hong Kong, check out McDonald’s Next. It is worth being among the first few in the world to experience this new concept – before they bring it to more cities, of course.

McDonald’s Next
Shop 1-41, Admiralty Centre
Admiralty, Hong Kong
Nearest Station: Admiralty (exit where the sign says ‘Admiralty Centre’. Head up the escalators, walk out of the sliding doors and turn right to your destination)