Lana Cake Shop’s Owner Is Retiring And Looking For A Successor

Lana Cake Shop

The owner of Lana Cake Shop, Mrs Violet Kwan, is retiring and she is looking for a successor to take over the legendary chocolate cake shop.

This iconic cake shop at Greenwood Avenue has been around since 1975, and there is a reason why it has remained immensely popular for so many decades. Moist and extremely chocolatey, you will never look at chocolate cakes the same way again once you have tried Lana Chocolate Cake.

And it is such a shame that we might never get to taste it again (unless the right successor is found).

According to a report by Straits Times, Mrs Violet Kwan is looking to sell the cake business which will include her secret recipes and her unit at 36 Greenwood Avenue.

“It must be someone who really values the cake, who knows how to bake and is not just looking for a business opportunity,” Mrs Violet Kwan says. “I hope s/he will take Lana Cake to greater heights.”

Lana Chocolate Cake

If you haven’t tried it, you might have seen it before?

Despite its plain-looking and un-photogenic exterior that has zero physical appeal, this block of brown is the famous chocolate cake; Lana Cake Shop has certainly nailed it.

There are many good chocolate cakes in Singapore – Awfully Chocolate, Jane’s Cake Station, Vicky’s Cake Shop, to name a few – but Lana Cake Shop’s chocolate cake is a taste of nostalgia and it will always hold a special place in Singaporeans’ hearts.

Whoever the successor is going to be, we just hope that s/he will continue to maintain and uphold the standards set by Mrs Violet Kwan.

Lana Chocolate Cake
36 Greenwood Avenue
Tel: +65 6466 8940
Mon & Tue: 10.30am – 4.30pm
Wed to Fri: 10.30am – 5.30pm
Sat: 10.30am – 4.30pm
Nearest Station: Botanic Gardens