mezza9 at Grand Hyatt Singapore Chinese New Year Menu 2016

Grand Hyatt CNY 2016

When we think about Grand Hyatt Singapore, our mind goes straight to one of the best Sunday brunches in Singapore at mezza9, as well as their comforting lunch fare.

Well you see, mezza9 has always been at the top of our minds when we just cannot think of where to dine at. The restaurant is one that offers a homely experience – warm staff who will remember you, and chefs who puts healthy food on your table.

This Chinese New Year, the team at mezza9 has made it again with a Chinese New Year menu that would delight diners of all ages. Are you also a fan of the sweet treats and bakes? All your gift-shopping can be done at The Shop with the series of hampers, chocolates and gift sets.

Here are more reasons to love mezza9 at Grand Hyatt Singapore, and why you can count on them for Chinese New Year 2016.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Yusheng


To ace an yu sheng is pretty difficult because there are so many around for consumers to compare with, and everyone is just trying to come up with their own creative renditions.

But over at mezza9 Chef Martin has decided to keep theirs simple and classy; that is just how we like ours. Every detail is well thought of – from the freshness of the vegetables and preparing every sauce and dressing in-house daily, to the use of only sustainable raw fish in the dish.

Aptly named the ‘Double Happiness and Good Luck’ yu sheng, it is available from 25 January 2016 to 25 February 2016. The portion is huge, but it will come in two different sizes to suit your needs. It is also available as part of the set lunch, in a single person portion.

Lao Yu Sheng Hyatt CNY 16

A portion for two persons is S$52++ and a portion for 4 persons is S$88++. However, if you do not want to fill up on this, we reckon that the smaller size can fill 4 to 6 people and the bigger portion can fill up to 8 to 10 people.

mezza9 has always been all for sustainable fishing and the entire Grand Hyatt Singapore is almost fully using sustainable, hormone-free food sources. And you might be concerned about eating raw fish, but Chef Martin promises his supplies are from sustainable sources that do not harm the ocean, and that they are saltwater fish imported fresh daily; nothing is kept overnight for bacteria to breed.

For this year’s yu sheng, the kitchen is using Norwegian Atlantic salmon, Maldivian skipjack tuna and Hokkaido scallops – they all come from trusted and sustainable sources.

Crab Noodles Hyatt 2016


We were wowed by the selection; they are unique, yet still boasting very traditional Chinese flavours that all will enjoy. The first dish we had was the wok-fried thin rice noodles with Scottish brown crab meat and roe in a chilli gravy (S$28++).

We could not put our forks down and we slurped up every last bit of the tasty sauce and noodles. The crab meat and roe come in an extremely generous portion. This could well be eaten by just one person, but we suggest you share it with your partner so that you can still have a taste of the other dishes.

Duck Hyatt CNY 16

Then, there was this Braised Duckling (S$48++) that we tried and also fell in love with. A duckling is used, and like young chicken, the meat of the duckling is most definitely tender. Look at how glistening and beautiful this dish looks!

Fork tender duckling, with the aroma of Chinese wine invoking a sense of comfort inside us – a truly stellar dish, and one that is befitting of lunar indulgence. The old ginger braised whole duckling with red dates, flower mushrooms and Chinese wine is intended for two, but once again, the portion is really huge and it is in fact good to share among 4 people.

Fish mezza9

We almost wrote this dish off as it paled in comparison to the other dishes in terms of visual appeal, but boy were we sooo wrong! The steamed South Patagonian tooth fish fillet with black fungus, mushrooms, wolf berries and Chinese herbs (S$42++) turned out to be the best dish of the day!

The white fish so tender and smooth, with a texture akin to cod fish, and it was everything we wanted in a Chinese-style fish. As we grew up enjoying steamed fish with Chinese Herbs, this dish got to us in the most endearing way. The addition of black fungus and mushrooms also added a nice crunch to every bite.

Claypot Hyatt 16

The last main to share but nothing short of less is the claypot braised sea cucumber with pig tendons, fish maw, tiger prawns and conpoy (S$48++ for small, S$98++ for large). Well, it is basically all the premium ingredients stewed in a glorious sauce. Totally loved the crunchy sea cucumber, and quality fish maw is always heavenly.

This claypot is surely a “splurge dish” as it has all the goodies inside but, hey it’s Chinese New Year! With a new year, comes a fresh start. What better way to start the new year than with a luxurious meal, right?

Hyatt CNY Treats 2016


It is like a ritual already. Every year, we make it a point to check out the goodies at The Shop – cookies, chocolates, hampers and what-have-you.

We are, of course, always drawn to the packaging; think adorable glass jars and pretty boxes. As for the goodies itself, look forward to Prawn Rolls, White Sesame Strips, Pineapple Tarts (a classic) and Red Velvet Cookies.

Hyatt CNY Hamper 2016

Besides cookies and bite sized treats, if you are looking for presentable gifts, how about a set of chocolates with zodiac prints, or chocolates in the shape of Chinese chess pieces? The mahjong tiles chocolates are a perennial favourite, too! There, you have both the aesthetics and taste all in one box.

Also, hamper sets are available via direct pre-order. To order, visit For more information on the products, please call +65 6887 5492 or email [email protected].

If you prefer buffets, StraitsKitchen at Grand Hyatt Singapore offers some great deals for this festive period:

Halal-certified Chinese New Year Reunion Buffet Lunch and Dinner
(inclusive of the sustainable yu sheng buffet, selected juices, coffee and tea)
From 03 to 06 February 2016

Lunch / Dinner
S$58++ (per adult) / S$68++ (per adult)
S$34++ (per child) / S$38++ (per child)

Halal-certified Chinese New Year Buffet Lunch and Dinner
(inclusive of the sustainable yu sheng buffet, selected juices, coffee and tea)
From 07 to 09, and 14 February 2016

Lunch / Dinner
S$68++ (per adult) / S$88++ (per adult)
S$38++ (per child) / S$48++ (per child)

For more information, please visit

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