5 Chinese New Year Parades and Events in Asia to Catch in 2016


Chinese New Year is approaching and for many countries in Asia, it is a huge celebration. These countries, including Singapore, throw grand parades and huge celebrations in conjunction with this annual event.

Chinese New Year celebrates the start of a new year according to the Chinese Lunar calendar. The festivity spans over a period of 15 days and during these 15 days, there will be various parades and celebrations all over for the whole family to enjoy and participate in.

Here, we have 5 Chinese New Year Parades and Events in Asia to Catch in 2016 - from massive fireworks display to big-scale night parades!

BEIJING CNYImage: Vprazdniki


Chinese New Year is a big thing in China and everywhere, not just in Beijing, throw huge and impressive celebrations. In Beijing, there will be a magnificent fireworks display over the capital city. Also, many will light their own fireworks all around the city to liven up the atmosphere.

Over the course of 15 days, fireworks can be seen daily, and every day, there will be various temple fairs where you can taste local food and partake in fun games and activities.

Hong Kong CNYImage: Fest300


The main highlight of Chinese New Year in Hong Kong is the popular Chinese New Year Night Parade.

Held in Tsim Sha Tsui, the streets will light up and transform into a fun street party. The whole harbour front area will be lit up so beautifully, it is one sight you will not soon forget. This is a hallmark event of Hong Kong – one not to be missed if you are heading there for Chinese New Year!

Malaysia CNYImage: Wikimedia


Malaysia is by and large a Muslim country, and Chinese New Year is not celebrated as grandly as countries like China. However, parties and celebrations will still be held by the Chinese citizens of the country.

There will be acrobatic shows and lion dance performances at major temples and areas in Kuala Lumpur during this period as well.

Singapore CNYImage: Your Singapore


Every year, Singapore glows with streets decorated with bright lights and Chinese New Year-themed decor. Expect various celebrations across major areas such as Chinatown, but the main fun happens at River Hongbao – an event held annually at the Floating Platform at Marina Bay.

There will be various live entertainment, alongside local food stalls and other activities that the whole family can enjoy!

Taiwan CNYImage: New Years Eve Blog


The main attraction in Taipei during Chinese New Year is the parade that starts from Anxing Street that covers the whole city.

You get to see Chinese acrobats, musicians, martial art experts and folk dancers performing in this parade, including the iconic dragon dance. The fireworks display during Chinese New Year is also another massive event not to be missed.