Chinatown’s Chinese New Year Market 2016 – Here’s What To Expect

Chinatown 2016

This year’s Chinese New Year Market is just like any other – full of yummy festive treats to bag home, and many other Chinese New Year-related decor and products. But we are seeing a lot more unique snacks and flavours this year that we have never encountered before.

CNY Lights Display 2016

As Singapore progresses along with food trends and the digital age, one-of-a-kind snacks and ideas are introduced to the annual market so as to constantly impress and excite.

We took a stroll down the different lanes and found some really interesting gems that are worth making a trip down for. If you are new to Singapore, you should also soak up the festive mood and experience the bustling annual market that Singaporeans love! Here is What To Expect At Chinatown’s Chinese New Year Market 2016.

CNY Snacks 2016

Chinatown Market 2016

CNY Full Lights Display 2016

The full market will start at the end of January, where the market will operate in its full glory and all stalls will run in full force. However, if you head down now, most stalls are already open and in business – great for early shopping and getting everything done on time, minus the crowd!

Discounted Goods 2016

Besides the plethora of snacks, you can do your Chinese New Year decor shopping here. Look at these whopping low prices of S$1 and three for S$10.

This is something that our moms always go to Chinatown for. We used to diss it, but as we grow older, we become more sentimental about many things and these red whatnots actually get to us. Let’s hope that this lunar spirit never die, and no matter how modernisation takes place, Chinese New Year will always look like how they traditionally look.

Lanterns CNY 2016

The same festive feel and spirit can be felt all through the market, and the market will liven up a lot more once the actual Chinese New Year day draws closer.

Chinatown Jellies 2016

These fruit jellies are commonly seen every year, but we saw some pretty unique flavours besides the regular plum ones this year.

We have matcha, chocolates and coffee flavoured ones that originate from Taiwan, and because these fruit jellies are ever popular snacks among guests, we are gonna stock up on them in the new flavours.

Chinatown Snacks 2015

Thinking of shopping for your regular Chinese New Year snacks? We suggest coming right to this store here (you will not be able to miss it, it takes up a very large area) where they sell snacks packaged in different sizes.

CNY Crowd Pagoda St

But of course, based on our observation, these become way cheaper on Chinese New Year Eve. They will slash the prices like crazy just to clear their stocks!

Chinatown Seeds 2016

Stalls that sell seeds and munchies are aplenty, and prices are pretty much controlled and standardised, so you really can pick these up conveniently anywhere at almost the same prices.

Chinatown Nuts 2016

This is probably the most unique stall at this year’s market.

We stopped in our tracks when we read ‘Sour Cream Cashew Nuts’. Being avid fans of buttery cashew nuts, these were the answer to our prayers. Such a pleasant surprise this was, and it is probably going to be our favourite snack this Chinese New Year!

CNY Chinatown Monkey 2016

It is best to start walking from Pagoda Street where the market starts from. Pretty easy to spot if you are taking the train and exiting from Chinatown MRT Station.

The market extends all the way to Smith Street, Sago Street, Temple Street and Trengganu Street, as well as the neighbouring lanes on either sides of Pagoda Street. However, the main market – where majority of the stalls are- is located at Pagoda Street and Temple Street.