The Coffee Belt at Park Hotel Alexandra – A Hidden Gem In Alexandra

Coffee Belt

Most of us have long formed the impression that hotels, however fancy, tend to serve crappy coffee. But it seems like things are beginning to change for the better in Singapore.

We have never come across a more legit specialty coffee shop than this surprise - The Coffee Belt at Park Hotel Alexandra. It is every bit a coffee lover’s dream.

Open daily till 8pm, the third-wave coffee establishment is a wonderful place to catch up with friends over a good and strong cuppa, or to simply unwind into some me-time in the late afternoons.

The Coffee Belt serves topnotch caffeinated beverages – prepared with Common Man Coffee Roasters’ premium 22 Martin blend – and a curated selection of snacks. Takeouts are available upon request, too.

With over 25 different flavours and types of drinks, The Coffee Belt’s comprehensive menu will cover everyone’s differing preferences. We’ve been there several times, and are still discovering new favourites!

The Coffee Belt

From the all-time favourite Aussie flat white (S$6.50), Chai Tea Latte (short – S$6.50, tall – S$7) to sinfully rich Iced Blended Coffee Frappe (short – S$6.50, tall – S$7), there is a drink for every mood.

Daily brews are made lovingly with the extremely popular double-origin 22 Martin Blend, where the beans are sourced from both Alice Estate, Brazil and Veer Attikan, India. Customers can anticipate a fragrant, heavy-bodied coffee with a distinct dark chocolatey aftertaste.

Coffee and Cake

See those bottles in the background? They are actually sugar syrup! Love these little thoughts that are put in to surprise guests.

If you are feeling peckish, know that a handful of bite-size grubs such as Muffin Of The Day (S$4.50) and Plain Croissant (S$3.50) are up for grabs at The Coffee Belt too.

We are beyond thrilled that excellent Australian-standard coffees are finally emerging in deluxe hotels. Hopefully in time to come, other hotels will soon follow suit!

But for now, The Coffee Belt will be our frequent haunt. We love the quietness and simplicity of the space, and it sure is a refreshing change from the busy coffee houses in town and in the neighbourhoods!

the coffee belt singapore

The Coffee Belt
Lobby Level
Park Hotel Alexandra
323 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159972
Tel: +65 6828 8888
Daily: 7am – 8pm
Nearest Station: Queenstown / Redhill