8 Types of People You Would Meet At A Christmas Party

Pan Pac Christmas

The holidays are drawing near and you will slowly receive more and more invitations to holiday or Christmas parties. To some, it is a magical event where you get to socialise and catch up with family or friends.

But to the rest, it is a much dreaded and unbearable social necessity that you just want to get over and done with. Well, we’ve been on both sides and we understand.

Because there will always be these 8 Types of People You Would Meet At A Christmas Party - whichever you are going to head to.

Tea Party


At every party, there is always the awkward one. You will spot him or her with their disposable plate and cup, sitting alone on the couch, or standing at random corners of the room – not knowing what to do nor who to mingle with.


This person will constantly be yawning or checking their phones every five seconds. When they actually do leave, their mood instantly changes; like they had never been this happy before!


This is the person who is infinitely being the downer of the party. Be it cracking passive and aggressive jokes about how they don’t want to be at the party, or being the world’s worst food critic, this person is generally loathed by most for being a ‘buzzkill’.


This person will send you through a Christmas crash course of random festive-related facts about Christmas that you never knew about, while you stare blankly at this person who can never shut up about Christmas.

Craft Beers


He or she can either be a nuisance or an added entertainment to your party. If this person is a loud and annoying drunkard, chances are you will kick them out in no time. However, if he or she is a happy or entertaining drunkard, they could very well be the life of the party.

Christmas Dinner 2012


This person comes in to your party all nice and happy, until they start attacking all the food that is on the table. He or she will snap up all the best cuts or ask for second helpings, or even asking if they could takeaway any leftovers!


The Gossip Queen (or King) will be floating around groups listening in to their conversations and casually gossips around, being that irritating nosy person that you should beware of. But of course, he or she may well breathe life to conversations too!


Yipe, no presents from this one. He or she does not embrace “the season of giving” and will simply attend the party empty-handed. We usually loathe insincere presents such as mugs and paperweights, but these are things that you cannot even get out of this person!

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