12 Best European Cities to Celebrate Christmas At

Paris Brasserie

As Christmas is drawing near, you might want to book a last minute getaway to a magical winter wonderland; why not pick an ethereal European city to spend the festivity at? We are big fans of the whole Christmasy vibes that European cities have, and holidays never felt more joyous.

Be it strolling along the gorgeous tree-lined streets of Barcelona, or having a romantic dinner by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Europe has endless to offer and most of these cities truly embodies the Christmas spirit.

Have a once-in-a-lifetime experience at any one of these cities in our guide to the 12 Best European Cities to enjoy your Christmas holiday at. It is not too late to book your dream holiday!

Amsterdam Winter Wonderland


Amsterdam transforms into a festive wonderland every Christmas, with a whole list of exciting activities that you can add to your itinerary.

This includes the spectacular Amsterdam Light Festival happening from 28 November 2015 to 17 January 2015, various Christmas markets all over the city, outdoor ice skating rings and more!

Barcelona City


If you are not a big fan of snow, Barcelona is for you as it rarely snows in December, so you need not worry about dealing with extreme cold.

What Barcelona has are fabulous light displays, museums and fantastic restaurants that you can dine at for some unforgettable Christmas dinners. Of course, Barcelona is always a fantastic destination for shopping for high street labels, and you can expect lots of sale events.


What this beautiful city prides in is their “collection” of crazy huge Christmas markets that are sure to get you in a jolly festive spirit.

You can ice-skate, ride toboggans, and take part in all the Christmasy activities at Potsdamer Platz – right in the heart of Berlin city. You can even play curling on ice (very popular in Berlin); this is surely something you can not do in Singapore!


Brussels is great for ice-skating, especially now that it has moved to the Place de la Monnaie. It is a must to check out the various Christmas markets here and you will be spoilt for choice, we guarantee.

There are ferris wheel and merry-go-round fun too. Oh, Brussels have got some pretty darn mean chocolates that you must try too.


Think big scale laser shows, Christmas markets and even hot spring pools at Szechenyi Baths in Budapest. Yes, the hot spring baths (including lovely outdoor ones) are must-visits as a respite from the cold.

Take a river cruise to experience scenic views of the city too, and have a lovely time at the Nutcracker Ballet at the Hungarian State Opera House.

Florence Basillica


What you would be happy to know is that Florence’s historical and acclaimed museums are actually less crowded during the year-end festive season, so you can use this opportunity to truly enjoy the artworks.

It is also no surprise that Florence has amazing Christmas markets that are a must-go. You should also head to the Duomo for midnight Mass in Italian on Christmas Eve for an authentic Italian Christmas experience.

Tower Bridge London


Never say no to spending Christmas at London. There are almost too many reasons why! Besides the Christmas fairs, insanely beautiful lights and world-class food, London boasts festive vibes that is upbeat and unbeatable.

If you need more reasons, London is a shopping paradise and there are many parks where you can do Christmas picnics at.

Paris Shopping


But of course, Paris is romantic all year long and Christmas is just another reason for us to visit, really.

Watch the Eiffel Tower light up in full glory, sip tea and eat macarons at the many French patisseries, and take a stroll in Jardin des Tuileries. Hop on a carousel in Paris or have a go at an outdoor ice skating ring; we are sure that Christmas in Paris is one you will never forget.

Prague River


Prague’s great range of Christmas markets are open daily at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, where you can have a taste of a true blue European Christmas. Look forward to lots of street snacks and merchandise!

Other activities that you can enjoy here are nightly Prague opera and ballet performances. A walk along Charles Bridge with your loved ones will sweeten the winter, too.


#10 ROME

The ancient city of Italy is one that history buffs will love, but hey, a well-deserved holiday here does not mean all Julius Caesar and nothing else.

Hearty Italian meals and fresh morning bakes, street performances and museum visits, and shopping along Spanish steps are but some activities to fill your days. And Navona is our favourite square to appreciate arts.


This amazing Austrian town is especially known for their Christmas markets set in the jaw-droppingly beautiful Cathedral Square. From traditional craftsmanship to delicious Christmas cookies, you will be in awe with everything that Salzburg has to offer.

For more fun, go skiing or visit a sauna/spa.

Venice Top Budget Restaurants


The lights display will have you swept off your feet here in Venice. It is such a beautiful destination to spend Christmas at; well, Venice is always a great holiday destination anyway.

Immerse yourself in museum-hopping, do some Christmas shopping, take a gondola ride down the canals and have the freshest seafood meal – you deserve it!

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