Chicken Clinic – Singapore’s First Hospital-Themed Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant


As its name suggests, Chicken Clinic at Upper Thomson is a hospital-themed eatery specialising in Korean Fried Chicken. It is the only Korean restaurant in Singapore utilising surgical equipments in its fried chicken presentation.

Sure, they might be a tad too gimmicky, but our cameras love them.

Korean fried chickens are all the rage right now, but Chicken Clinic has cleverly stood out from other competitors with its unique display of injection syringes, metal trays and medical tweezers. While they may not serve up the best Korean fried chicken, it is still something you might want to check out when you are next at Thomson.

Chicken Clinic’s best-selling fried chicken are the Chicken Nanban (S$18.50) and Seasoned Spicy Chicken (S$19.50). The former comprises deep-fried tender boneless chicken chunks topped with pickled jalapenos and drenched in spicy soy sauce, while the latter consists of seasoned spicy fried chicken dipped in Korean-style sweet chilli sauce.


The savoury Chicken Nanban was pretty impressive, and it is clearly Chicken Clinic’s stellar dish.

chicken clinic thomson

All fried chicken dishes are served in a laboratory-like metal tray and completed with three mini metal tins of fries, pickles and salad. Spiciness of the chicken dishes (on its own) are negligible, so fret not about burning sensations.


For an extra kick, inject the spicier chilli sauces from the syringes (choose from level 1 to 3) onto the chicken chunks. Each fried chicken dish can feed up to 2 pax, so we recommend those with small appetites to share it with someone.

chicken clinic takeout

The fries were unfortunately underwhelming when compared to the mouthwatering Nan Ban, so just spend all your calories on the juicy chicken chunks instead.

If you are looking for something less greasy, do know that the menu also features other Korean-Japanese fusion dishes such as Chicken Yaki Udon (S$15.50) and Chili Chicken Dong (S$10).

Chicken Clinic
Thomson V Two, #01-13
11 Sin Ming Road
Singapore 575629
Tel: +65 8451 4011
Mon: 3pm – 9.30pm
Tue to Fri: 11.30am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Marymount

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