The One Dish To Eat In Bali – Nasi Campur

Nasi Campur

Nasi Campur is technically a mixed rice dish filled with multiple small dishes and we, like many other tourists, find ourselves drawn to it whenever we visit Bali. This dish is simply a showcase of all the best kind of food you can find in Indonesia.

It is similar to our Singaporean Cai Fan or mixed vegetables rice, and it consists of a number of dishes surrounding steamed white rice. Some of the more popular small dishes include tempeh, stir-fried eggplant or green beans, curried meats and fried eggs.

One of the stars of this dish has to be the shrimp krupuk - which is essentially a shrimp or prawn cracker that is popular not only in Indonesia, but various other parts of South-East Asia.

The good thing about Nasi Campur is that you do not have to pick dishes; the best of all worlds will be beautifully plated for your consumption, so you really need not limit yourselves to just two or three items. It is definitely a hearty portion there, and so many flavours to explore!

One thing you will notice in Bali is that they have a special and exclusive Nasi Campur Bali that is essentially a plate of white rice with small dishes made using very classic Balinese spices and flavours.

Some popular dishes that the Nasi Campur Bali has are grilled fish, curry beef and vegetable curry. They are more flavourful and interesting than your usual Nasi Campur!

The next time you visit Bali, be sure to grab a plate of delicious Nasi Campur for a true taste of authentic Balinese flavours.

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