Millenia Walk Food Journey To Fika, elemen & Tart Blanc

Millenia Walk Food Journey

It was yet another day fun-filled day with 20 of our readers who joined us for a Food Journey hosted by Millenia Walk. We had a taste of three restaurants’ signature items and new dishes, and we shared our opinions and input with one another.

When foodies get together, everyone just forgets our worries and pig out together. We ventured into Fika Swedish Café & Bistro, elemen and Tart Blanc for a diversified taste of all that Millenia Walk has to offer.

Group Photo-Millenia Walk

With so many restaurants and different varieties of food to choose from at Millenia Walk, we trust our readers had a good time there, just like we did! Thank you to all who took time off to spend your Saturday with us; we couldn’t be happier to meet each and every one of you!

Guests at Fika

As we kicked off this gastronomical journey, we could see everyone happily settled, hungry and awaiting Fika’s delicious food. The clean-cut Swedish-style interior of the restaurant is an extremely comforting one that we’ve always loved, and it’s a great place for a gathering with your muslim friends as Fika is certified halal

We were first served a relatively light salad to start – Långedrag. This salad was a refreshing mix of salad greens, Swedish fresh-water shrimps, a sliced hardboiled egg, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, leek, olives, Swedish roe and crisp rye bread.

Meat Ball

As everyone gobbled this down, we were served the next course of Fika’s most well-loved dish – Swedish Meatballs.

What made the meatballs extra special was the tasty cream sauce, together with lingonberry jam. Together, they were James Dean and Audrey Hepburn – the perfect pairing!


While we were finishing up with this course, we were presented with a glistening glory – Steak with Warm Potato Salad. The Black Angus Sirloin had a big dollop of garlic butter on top that melted beautifully all over the meat.

The garlic butter was enough to be the talk of the room. There were big chunks of actual garlic in it and when eaten with the steak and potatoes, it was sheer happiness for us all!

Swedish Brownie

Every table had their eyes glued onto the Kladdkaka (Swedish Brownie) when they were brought out from the kitchen plate after plate. The special Swedish family recipe meant a brownie that is rich without being overly dense.

Everyone looked pretty satisfied by then, but thankfully, most were still hungry for more. Because that means more food; what is a food trail if we only stop at one place, right?

Guests at elemen

elemen is a new addition to Millenia Walk. Priding themselves as a meat-less restaurant that focuses a lot on the benefits of vegetables and other natural ingredients, we were all lucky to be treated to carefully prepared and amazingly plated vegetarian dishes here.

element Appetiser

We started off with the elemen Starter – a trio of green bean paste with cucumber and teriyaki sauce, sesame tofu with sesame dressing and alfalfa sprouts and lastly, cherry tomato soaked in plum sauce that bursts upon bite.

We could all taste the strong Japanese flavours and influences in the starting appetiser and could not wait for our main course to come. It is one of those rare moments in life where we were truly excited about vegetarian food.

Truffle Mushroom Risotto

We were each served a tasting portion of elemen’s bestselling ‘Main’ – Mushroom Risotto with Black Truffle.

This risotto is not made the conventional way and has a interesting textural variety from the vegetables and rice itself. The truffle flavours were pleasant and really enhanced the dish.

Some readers loved it so much, they had more than one serving! And so did we. Oops! Couldn’t help it, really. You have to try this for yourself to believe it.

element Coconut

We ended off with a dessert and their specialty drink. Our dessert of Chilled Coconut Puree was the best-selling one in the restaurant. True to its hype, the rich coconut puree was complemented with a scoop of peach gum, said to have the same beauty benefits as bird’s nest! Such a treat it was, and once again, most of us had a second helping!

And a cup of specially-concocted Sea Salt Coffee ended our meal at elemen; the sea salt really brought out the nutty flavours of their coffee and we were all pleasantly surprised by how drinkable it was despite its intense caffeine.

Tart Blanc

By this time, we were almost full, but not before we had our decadent tarts from Tart Blanc, an artisanal dessert cafe that specializes in French-style tarts.

Every tart from Tart Blanc is made with extreme intricacy and all of us were eyeing the tarts, even before we settled down.

We had two of Tart Blanc’s specialty tarts – Blood Orange Matcha Tart and Peach and Salted Egg Yolk Tart. The latter was served to us warm for the optimal taste.

Salted Egg Yolk Tart

We were so amazed by the use of salted egg yolk and peach in one tart; it was a lethal combination that got us hooked. We really loved everything about it. From the slightly gushing and creamy salted egg yolk center to the butter crust, everyone was happily gobbling these tarts up and they were practically gone within seconds!

The Blood Orange Matcha tart has long been one of the most popular tarts at Tart Blanc and it came as no surprise that it was well-received. All of us enjoyed the tart and acidity of the blood orange center, evened out by the crusty matcha tart base.

It was an unforgettable afternoon of non-stop eating with all our readers and we hoped you had as much fun as we did. We are ever thankful of all the support from you lovely people.

And from now till 31 Oct 2015, you too, can embark on a culinary adventure and create your very own food journey at Millenia Walk with the various deals that the restaurants are offering.  You can find out more details here.

Once again, thank you Millenia Walk for making this event happen! You sure spoilt us silly with so much food.

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