[Closed] Collective Brewers – Cold Drip Coffee And Pandan Chicken Burger

Collective Brewers Interior

It was lovely to step into the quaint little coffee house, Collective Brewers, along the rather quiet Changi Road on a weekday afternoon. The interior was spacious with very ample sunlight flowing in. We could also catch a whiff of the aromatic coffee being served to other customers.

While we came specifically for the Cold Drip coffee, we saw a ton of awesome hot food on the menu; think pastas and burgers.

So here’s sharing some simple thoughts on what we liked about Collective Brewers – yes yes yes, their coffee please.

Cold Drip Coffee

It is no surprise that the name ‘Collective Brewers’ means that this humble little cafe specialises in coffee. They have a variety of different coffee, but we came for their Cold Drip (S$5). Made in a similar way to the cold brew coffee, we were served the chilled coffee in a small glass.

It looked like an espresso shot and we were guessing that it was probably because it served the same ‘effects’. The coffee itself was intense with a smooth fluidity throughout, and with a balanced acidity. We slurped the cup down after the first taste sip and were pumped up for the rest of the day.

The interior was so comforting and conducive, and we will return to try the food. Meanwhile, do you know they have a crazy-looking Pandan Chicken Burger that comes with a green patty? As dubious as that might sound, we actually will head back to try it.

Collective Brewers
301 Changi Rd
Singapore 419779
Tel: +65 6635 7455
Tue to Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat to Sun: 10am – 10pm
Mon: Closed
Nearest Station: Eunos