TungLok Teahouse at Novena Square 2: All-Day Dim Sum And New Menu + Giveaway

Tunglok Teahouse

TungLok Teahouse’s roaring success at its Far East Square outlet sees the reputable brand opening another similar concept at Novena’s Square 2 – and we are definitely loving this new outlet!

For those do not know, TungLok Teahouse serves a variety of delectable dim sum throughout the day and night at an affordable price. Tunglok Teahouse understands that not everyone has the luxury of time to do a leisurely dim sum lunch in the afternoon – hence making it a point to serve dim sum even during dinnertime. Such great news, and all we can think of is dim sum all day, every day! *inserts hands-up emoji*

TungLok Teahouse is introducing a new menu of 12 exquisite dishes, including the never seen before Wild Mushroom Baos that look exactly like the fungi itself. WE LOVE IT!

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Tunglok Teahouse Novena Sq

Upon entrance, one will not miss TungLok Teahouse’s retro décor of 1960s old-school Chinese wording posters pinned up on the colourful tiled walls. The restaurant seeks to bring the traditional dishes and yesteryears ambience back to life without compromising on comfort. Don’t we all love such retro vibes?

With so many items to choose from, diners will find themselves spoilt rotten for choice. Well, we were! And you wouldn’t believe the feast we had.

Each dim sum is freshly handmade on the spot and steamed to order – we found ourselves hopelessly drooling over the selections of sweets and savouries! The talented culinary team has introduced a few new additions to the menu and each mouthwatering dish is created with masterly finesse.

Mushroom Buns

The dim sum that unquestionably stole the limelight was the Wild Mushroom with Black Truffle Baos (S$4.80++) which has an uncanny resemblance to the fungi itself. The fluffy buns looked so real that we were fooled for a while and thought they were actual mushrooms! The robust fillings are a mixture of Morel Fungus, Tea Tree Mushroom, Japanese Shiitake, King Oyster Mushrooms and Black Truffle Oil. We were blown away by how amazingly delicious they are, and as we are typing this now, we are salivating and already planning a next trip back.

Due to its overwhelming popularity and complex preparation methods, only 50 baskets of these cutesy buns are available on a daily basis, so if you snooze, you lose!


Fans of the Black Truffle are in for a treat. Besides the Mushroom Bun, they can be found in two other items - namely Wantons with Black Truffle (S$6.80++) and Deep-fried Yam Puff with Black Truffle (S$4.80++). The former is a superior soup dish with silk-like wantons filled with black truffle, while the latter is a flaky sweet pastry stuffed with yam and black truffle. We think the latter is the bomb. What say you?


Another new divine creation is the Steamed Bird’s Nest Buns (S$8.80++). The pretty orangey-coloured soft buns, filled with nourishing bird’s nest and egg white, have a nectarous aftertaste. Despite the expensive ingredients, the buns remain an affordable luxury.


We were equally in awe upon tasting the delicate Steamed Crystal Dumplings (S$4.80++) and Steamed Glutinous Rice with Diced Chicken wrapped in Lotus Leaf (S$4.80)++. We really appreciate how we are able to indulge in dim sum made with top-notch ingredients at wallet-friendly prices.


TungLok Teahouse’s Crispy Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun (S$4.80++) are fried to a golden brown hue. The custard filling is less “flowy” in this version but its taste remains absolutely intact.


Other new impressive treats include the Fried Potato, Red Beetroot and Pumpkin Dumpling (S$5.30) and Crispy Golden Lotus Root Pastry (S$5.30++). Now, this ultra cute lotus root pastry was more than impressive! The skin was fragrant and buttery, and the lotus root was soft yet crispy; deep-fried to perfection, this is one dish that combines different textures into one brilliant creation.


If it is your first time to TungLok Teahouse, the signature Baked Barbecued Pork Bun (S$5.30++) is a must try. The baked buns filled with tepid sweet pork and BBQ sauce are undoubtedly one of the best in town.

Tunglok Ma Lai Gao

The Traditional Sponge Cake (S$3.80++) aka Ma Lai Gao is also a must-order. The moist brown sugar sponge cake was incredibly tender and tasted heavenly, and one that our folks enjoyed.

Cheong Fun

Steamed Truffle Dumplings with Wild Fungus (S$5.30++) and ‘Cheong Fun’ Rice Rolls (S$8.50++), two of Tunglok Teahouse’s hot favourites, also made us really happy.

The steamed artisanal dumplings with everyone’s favourite element – truffle – were unbelievably succulent. The ‘Cheong Fun’ Rice Rolls is an authentic Cantonese dish of fried dough wrapped in rice noodle rolls, best served with drizzled soya sauce.

Tunglok Soup

Besides Dim Sum, TungLok Teahouse also dishes out a menu of incredibly wholesome, home-style favourites. Do try their nutritious Double-Boiled Soup with Sea Whelk and Chinese Tonics (S$32++) that has been painstakingly boiled for five hours to achieve the well-balanced broth.

The aromatic Sweet and Sour Chrysanthemum Fish (S$26++) is deep-fried and boasts a crispy outer skin with flaky, fresh flesh, and served with diced capsicums.

Fried rice crab meat

The Fried Rice with Crab Meat and Egg White (S$22++) was also a stunner. The generous accompaniments of premium fresh crabmeat and egg white resulted in a smooth, velvety textured ambrosial dish. Who would have thought that fried rice could be so glorious?! We had no problems helping ourselves to seconds.

Remember, when your Dim Sum cravings hit you, and you’re yearning for a fuss-free, good-old home-cooked meal, just head to TungLok Teahouse.


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TungLok Teahouse
#01-73/79 Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive
Singapore 307506
Tel: +65 6893 1123
Nearest Station: Novena

#01-01 Far East Square
7-13 Amoy Street
Singapore 049949
Tel: +65 6877 1123
Mon to Fri: 11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 10.30pm
Sat: 11am – 3pm, 6pm – 10.30pm
Sun & PH: 10am – 3pm, 6pm – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: Raffles Place/Telok Ayer

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