9 Places In Singapore To Get Mooncakes For Mid-Autumn Festival 2015

Mooncake 2015

Mid-Autumn Festival is an annual celebration that occurs on the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese calendar – where the moon is the brightest and roundest. Consumption of these moon-shaped cakes is an ancient tradition that started since 3000 years ago. The festive event is symbolic of family reunions; the Chinese make it a point to return home on this day to have dinner with their families under the full moon.

The custom has evolved tremendously in present day and mooncakes are now widely exchanged commodities in Singapore. The practice of gifting mooncakes had become a method of maintaining personal and professional relations. This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 27 September 2015, but as usual, most hotels and restaurants in Singapore have already started selling boxes of tasty mooncakes that are available in all sorts of flavours and shapes.

From traditionally baked lotus-filled mooncakes to the contemporary snowskin mooncakes, here is our guide to the 9 Hotels & Restaurants in Singapore to get mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival 2015.

Traditional Mixed Nuts Mooncake


And we are always full of praises for Carlton Hotel Singapore’s snowskin mooncakes. Have you tried the Red Velvet ones? Because you really should!

Red Velvet Snowskin Mooncakes

Every year, we look forward to this decadent treat. Inspired by Tuxedo’s signature Red Velvet cake, the Mini Red Velvet Snowskin Mooncake (S$62 for a box of eight) is amazing – filled with velvety cream cheese and crunchy royaltine, no red velvet fans should pass on this.

Another crowd-pleaser is the Mini ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Durian Snowskin Mooncakes (S$72 for a box of eight). This is Carlton Hotel Singapore’s signature mooncake flavour, and you can expect nothing short of copious durian pulp encased in a pillow-light snowskin.

Walnut Moontarts with Egg Yolk

Fans of Carlton Hotel Singapore would also be familiar with the Mini Walnut Moontarts (S$66 for a box of eight) that sell like hotcakes every year. What is essentially a moontart is smooth white lotus paste and egg yolk enveloped in a fragrant crust that boasts a crispy and slightly crumbly texture – just like a tart. The health nuts will be happy to know that there is a low sugar alternative to this too – at S$62 for a box of eight, this variation comes without egg yolk.

Carlton Hotel Mooncake

Carlton Hotel Singapore’s mooncakes are available from 29 Aug to 27 Sep, and there is a free local delivery for single location when you order 50 boxes or more. Early bird special includes a 20% discount for selected credits on purchases from 29 Aug to 11 Sep. The mooncakes are available at Carlton Hotel, Carlton City Hotel, Junction 8 Level 2 Atrium, Jem Level 1 Atrium and Tampines Mall Level 1 Atrium. You can order the mooncakes by calling the hotline at 6349 1292 or visiting www.carltonhotel.sg/packages/crowning-jewels-of-mid-autumn-2015.

Xin Cuisine Mooncakes


Of all the mooncakes packaging we have seen this year, Xin Cuisine at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium has one of the prettiest and more meaningful, and it has won our hearts completely. To commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, the mooncakes are luxuriously showcased in a stunning blue box with fifty motifs of our national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim.

Xin Cuisine Snowskin Mooncake

Upon opening up the treasure box, we were received by a rainbow. Colourful snowskin mooncakes in assorted flavours await; talk about an aced presentation! The flavours were no less exciting.

The new Purple Sweet Potato with Macadamia Nuts Snowskin Mooncake is the ideal choice for the health nuts, and if you do not prefer your mooncakes to be overly sweet, then this is for you. Another new flavour to look out for is the Coffee White Lotus Seed Paste with Rum & Raisin Chocolate – sweet, luscious and with a touch of alcohol for those who want something more robust.

Xin Cuisine Peranakan Durian

Of course, Singaporeans love their durian, and Xin Cuisine knows just how to please you with the Peranakan Durian Snowskin Mooncake. The durian filling is pillowed in a purplish blue skin – naturally coloured using Blue Pea flower. The snowskin mooncakes are priced at S$52 for a box of six.

Xin Cuisine Egg Custard

If sticking to traditions is what you still prefer, the signature Mini Egg Custard with Egg Yolk Mooncake will please your tastebuds. At S$54 for a box of six, this is Xin Cuisine’s best-selling and award-winning creation, featuring creamy custard that is dense yet smooth, complete with a flavourful salted egg yolk.

Xin Cuisine’s mooncakes are available from 27 Aug to 27 Sep at the Hotel Lobby, as well as many offsite locations. You may call 6731 7173 for more information. 

Quote LadyIronChef upon check-out online at holidayinnfestive.oddle.me to get an exclusive 30% off Xin Cuisine’s mooncakes. This is valid when you collect your order between now till 25 Sep 2015.

InterContinental Singapore Mooncake


InterContinental Singapore sits on the historic Bugis district, and the hotel is a notable fixture of the facade. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the mooncakes come in a special commemorative tin box, with illustrations by local artist Jacqueline Goh.

Intercon Baked Mooncakes

When we talk about InterContinental Singapore’s mooncakes, the first that comes to our minds are their time-honoured favourites – the Baked Lotus Mooncake series. The lotus paste is ever fragrant and smooth, and comes with either single or double yolk. This is a perennial favourite among our folks because they prefer theirs creamy yet not overly sweet. The prices vary for the lotus paste or white lotus paste, and single or double yolk.

There is also a low-sugar variation of the white lotus paste mooncakes (S$35 for  box of two, or S$64 for a box of four), and they are fabulously completed with crunchy macadamia nuts.

Intercon Snowskin Tea Mooncake

What stood out this year at InterContinental Singapore is the delicately-crafted Snowskin Tea Mooncake Selection (S$66 for a box of four); think elegant flavours such as Rose and Pistachio with White Lotus Paste (we love this one!),  Oolong with Black Sesame Paste, Japanese Matcha and Earl Grey and Baileys Truffle with White Lotus Paste.

Baked Shanghai Mooncake

InterContinental Singapore’s mooncakes are available from now till 27 Sep, and you can purchase them at Tea Hut (located at the hotel’s entrance) and nine other locations across Singapore, including Nex, Jurong Point, Junction 8, Century Square, Compass Point, Vivo City, Takashimaya, West Mall and Parkway Parade. Enjoy a 30% Early Bird discount from now till 30 Aug. For more information, please call 6820 8519.

You may also place your orders online at singapore.intercontinental.com/mooncakes.

Mandarin Orchard Mooncake


A box of delicate mooncakes from Mandarin Orchard comes in the form of a regal gold-latticed gift box; so elegant, the receiver will be pleased. Fans of Mandarin Orchard’s classic mooncake - Baked Mooncake with Single/ Double Yolk and White Lotus Paste (S$60 for a box of four, single yolk and S$64 for a box of our, double yolk) - will be keen to know that this is made available again this year.

Mandarin Orchard Pine Nut Mooncake

If you would like some alternative flavours, then the Baked Mooncake with Azuki Red Bean Paste and Pine Nuts (S$60 for a box of four) should tickle your taste buds; this is a vegetarian option! There is an even fancier flavour that Mandarin Orchard is using to up the ante – Baked Mooncake with Mixed Nuts and Jamón Ibérico (S$67 for a box of four); think salty meet savoury baked to a glorious shade of brown.

Mandarin Orchard Snowskin Mooncake

The all-new Mini Snow Skin Red Wine Cranberry Paste and Yuzu Lemongrass Mooncake may sound very complicated, but trust us when we say the combination is one so intriguing yet well-balanced. The popular Mini Snow Skin Lychee Martini and Chocolate Mooncake is making a comeback too! Both flavours are at S$56 for a box of four.

Mandarin Orchard Baked Mooncake

Mandarin Orchard’s mooncakes are available for purchase at Mandarin Orchard’s hotel deli counter at Level 1, as well as Takashimaya Square Basement 2, Jem Level 1, Junction 8 Level 2 Atrium, Tampines Mall Level 1 Atrium and Northpoint Shopping Centre Level 1.

From now till 27 Aug, DBS/ POSB Cardholders enjoy a 25% discount, and a 20% discount thereafter. Other credit card holders enjoy a 20% and 15% respectively – only for purchases made at the hotel’s deli counter.

Park Hotel Mooncake


We have no idea what took us so long, but we finally tried Park Hotel Group’s mooncakes this year and we loved it! Firstly, being very superficially driven by aesthetics (guilty), we were drawn by the visually-arresting box. Vibrant colours and contemporary prints, the lotus plant and pond symbolises joy and abundance while reminiscing simple joy celebrating mid-autumn festival with our families. They sure make great gifts for both young and old!

Park Hotel Singapore Mooncake

For the love of all things classic, celebrate with lotus paste goodness in the biggest form – Park Hotel Group introduces a 900grams (16cm) cake, designed for communal dining at parties. Probably the most attention-seeking mooncake in town this year, and we are so loving it!

They are available in three flavours – the Classical White Lotus Paste with Six Yolks (wow!) at S$68, Classical Teochew Mung Bean at S$48, and the Classical Red Bean and Winter Melon at S$48. Park Hotel Group uses only premium grade fresh lotus paste from Hong Kong, and every single yolk is hand-picked too. This means an impeccably smooth delight that you will not soon forget.

Park Hotel Apple with Cherry Brandy Truffle

On to the sophistication is the collection of snowskin monocakes that come in an array of refreshing flavours. The new ones include Yuzu Paste with Korean Rice Wine and Apple with Cherry Brandy Truffle; you did not see that coming, did you? The young ones will love the Royal Topaz with Nougat and Chocolate Pops.

Park Hotel Golden Yam Paste

The mooncakes are available across all Park Hotel properties – Grand Park City Hall, Grand Park Orchard, Park Hotel Alexandra and Park Hotel Clarke Quay. For reservations and enquiries, please call 6432 5555. You may also visit parkhotelgroup.com/mooncakes for more information for 2015′s highlights.

Marriott Singapore Snowskin Mooncake


Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel promises a captivating and memorable mid-autumn festival this year with their star restaurant, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant. This year, Wan Hao pays homage to the traditions of the festivity with twelve impeccable mooncake flavours that are bound to please your tastebuds; they are low in sugar, too!

Marriott Black Truffle Mooncake

The mooncakes sit prettily in an elegant red chest-like box that is hot-stamped with gold peonies. Every piece of mooncake is meticulously handcrafted in-house, because Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant believes in preserving such traditions of baking the best mooncakes. And in these boxes are the most unpredictable mooncake flavours that are novel with a fusion twist; think Black Truffle, Waxed Duck and Single Yolk with White Lotus Seed Paste, as well as Roasted Chestnut (S$78 for a box of four). There is also a local flavour – Teh Tarik with Chocolate Pearls Snowskin Mooncake at S$60 for a box of eight – that is a dedication to SG50; we love this!

Marriott Singapore Mooncake

For the classics, we turn to perennial favourites that are ever comforting and heartwarming. Marriott’s versions are all made with less sugar – still not compromising on the taste and with sweetness that lingers, but perhaps in a more guilt-free way. You will love the White Lotus Seed Paste with Single/ Double Yolk (S$64 for a box of four and S$68 for a box of four respectively).

If all else fails, count on the ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Top Grade Durian Snowskin Mooncake (S$66 for a box of eight); because we Singaporeans cannot resist luscious bites of a durian treat, yes? By the way, talk about local favourites. There is also a White Lotus Seed Paste with Chicken Bak-kwah and Assorted Nuts Baked Mooncake (S$63 for a box of four)!

Marriott Mooncakes

Wan Hao’s mooncakes are available at the hotel’s Forecourt Stall and various shopping malls. Customization of the mooncake boxes with complimentary hot-stamping of your company logo is also available for a minimum order of 50 boxes. For orders and enquiries, call 6831 4708 or visit www.singaporemarriott.com/mooncakes.

Tung Lok Mooncake


TungLok Group is one of our favourite places to turn to when we need to get quality mooncakes as gifts. For so many years now, they have maintained the premium tastes of their mooncakes – both traditional and snowskin. What lured us even more this year is the very stunning packaging.

TungLok Mooncakes

Be enchanted by these opulent boxes specially designed and printed by Tung Lok Group. Nothing overly complicated, yet no less elegant and presentable. You bet they make perfect gifts for corporate clients, families and your loved ones.

Tunglok Snowskin

For 2015, TungLok introduces specially concocted snowskin creations – Banana Milk with Salted Caramel and Orange Apricot with Chocolate. These mini mooncakes are part of the Tutti Frutti Collection, and retail at S$54 for a box of 8, with four pieces per flavour. They are richer and creamier than the usual snowskin delights, but for those with more adventurous palettes, these snowskin treats shall be your sweet surrender.

Tunglok Mooncake

You can also expect the classics TungLok Perfect Duo (S$62 per box), TungLok Four Seasons (S$58 per box) and TungLok Bite-sized Mooncakes (S$54 for a box of 16, with two pieces per flavour).

Our family’s favourite, and also TungLok’s best-seller, is the bite-sized mooncakes. Petite and super cute, these gems come in an assortment of flavours – think Pandan Lotus, Lotus with Orange Peel, and Pineapple. It comes in a box of 16 pieces, with 2 flavours each, and each box costs S$54.

All prices are subject to GST. You may enquire for more information at 9088 8008, or visit www.tunglok.com.

Fullerton Mooncake


Mooncakes from Fullerton Hotel come in the form of a treasure trove this year, and we got really excited upon receiving them! It was like receiving a huge drawer of presents, and we were to open the compartments one by one to unveil the surprise.

Fullerton Hotel Mooncake

The red boxes are adorned with beautiful plum blossoms motifs, and the mooncakes selections include traditional and local flavours. Elegant and exquisite; that is how we think of Fullerton Hotel’s mooncakes. If you are a contemporary purveyor of the traditional bake, opt for intriguing local flavours such as Pandan with Gula Melaka Snow Skin Mooncake (S$58 per box). There is also a Green Bean with Sweet Potato and White Lotus Seed Paste Snow Skin Mooncake (S$58 per box).

Fullerton Hotel’s mooncakes are available at the hotel from 13 August 2015 to 27 September 2015.

Grand Hyatt Mooncake


We are pretty picky with our snowskin mooncakes – the skin has to be translucent and thin, the flavours have to be intriguing, best if there is a truffle in the middle to surprise us, preservatives-free, and on top of them all, they have to come in a gorgeous box. Well, Grand Hyatt’s collection has ticked them boxes – all of them.

This year, new snowskin mooncakes flavours include the Thousand Flower Blossom with Honey Truffle, and Strawberry and Lime Margarita Truffle. Of course, the ones that always please are the classic Champagne Truffle and Lychee Martini Truffle.

Champagne truffle snowskin

These box of eight assorted snowskin mooncakes are priced at S$69, and are available at the compounds of Grand Hyatt Singapore (The Shop at mezza9 and Lobby Shop), as well as Takashimaya Square Basement 2, Vivo City Level 1 Atrium, Chevron House Ground Level and Nex Level 1 Atrium.

From 24 Aug 2015 to 09 Sep 2015, enjoy a 20% discount with selected credit cards. Damai and Club at the Hyatt members enjoy a whopping 25% discount. For more information, visit singapore.grand.hyattrestaurants.com, or call 6887 5492.