Kinsa Sushi Introduces Gorgeous Purple Rice Sushi Rolls And #ChirashiCupcake

Kinsa Sushi

Kinsa sushi has just introduced a special Purple Fusion menu which consists of 8 maki rolls, 1 sushi and 1 #ChirashiCupcake - all of which are prepared with purple rice.

While these creations are beautiful to look at, a good point to note is that purple rice is brimming with vast health benefits, and is definitely a healthier option as opposed to regular white rice.

The Chirashi Cupcake is a one-of-a-kind creation by Kinsa Sushi, and we are guessing it might be the next must-have photo on your Instagram feed!

Excited about these purple wonders yet? That is not all! Look forward to SG50 vouchers when you dine here from 1 to 31 August 2015.

Purple Rice Maki

Why is purple rice healthy? Purple rice – sometimes referred to as black rice – contains anthocyanin antioxidants found in berries, which is vital for maintaining good health. It is also a great source of iron which helps metabolise proteins and prevents anaemia.

Now, Kinsa Sushi has incorporated this healthy grain into a spanking new menu of 10 different dishes, including a very special Chirashi Cupcake. It is hard to pick just one to love, but if we really have to, it will be the Salmon Mentai (S$15.80) purple rice maki.

Salmon Mentai is a true blue favourite amongst locals, but now, imagine having it on purple rice for a healthier alternative too. If any, this dish is so visually arresting! The salmon that is topped on the maki is generously drizzled with mentaiko sauce, then torched to a nice charred finish. Topped off with tobikko, these damned Salmon Mentai maki rolls are more addictive than you think!

Black Beauty Kurokarei

The Black Beauty Kurokarei (S$16.80) is a star, and a masterpiece in its own rights. The centrepiece of a perfectly cooked shishamo is wrapped around by the same purple rice, then topped off with a mountain of tobikko.

Look out for the taste of savoury aburi mentai cheesy miso sauce for a truly mouth-watering bite; fans of fish roe and mentai should consider this as their main dish of choice.

Chirashi Cupcake

We were definitely intrigued by the name ‘Chirashi Cupcake’ (search for #ChirashiCupcake on Instagram to see more photos). So, is it sweet or savoury? Is there actual cupcake and icing in this? To clarify, this gorgeous dish is really a beautifully plated chirashi-don, using purple rice and freshly sliced sashimi.

The rice is dressed with a nice sesame ponzu sauce and sandwiched with some denbu (pink fish flakes) for an extra oomph to the dish. We loved how, in this dish, you could taste the distinct yet subtle nutty flavour of the purple rice, which reminded us of a classic local dessert, Pulut Hitam.

This is a great choice especially for lunch and it comes at an affordable price of only S$15.80 per bowl.

Hotate Mentai Maki Kinsa Sushi

The Hotate Mentai (S$17.80) maki will be a hit among scallop lovers. It is not hard to love this roll that comes with a crowning glory of fresh scallop slices, complete with an aburi-ed mentai top. Mentai can go no wrong and this maki was an explosion of flavours in our mouths.

Deep-fried radish and wasabi-infused tobikko sits atop this maki to jazz up its look, and gives the maki rolls a distinct crunch.

Mango Maki

The Mango Maki (S$14.80) is one lovely tropical treat to try out. Cushioned in the purple rice is a combination of prawn tempura, cucumber and mango. Sweet mangoes are used in the preparation of this item, and the maki roll is served with a dipping sauce of homemade mango dressing.

Strawberry Maki

Ichigo lovers, hands up! The Strawberry/Ichigo Maki (S$14.80) is for you. On the side, you will also be given a serving of the special house-made strawberry dressing to dip your maki rolls into. The hardcore ichigo lovers have the liberty to drizzle the sauce all over, but if you are doing this, we recommend you eat it immediately before the rice gets overly soggy.

Fiery Salmon Maki

And back to the savoury options, and for you spice lovers here – Fiery Salmon (S$16.80) is kick-ass. Generously topped with spice-marinated salmon and crowning each individual maki roll, this maki roll is for those who do not prefer mentai and are after a spicier option instead. For an added crunch, it is also served with lotus chips and deep-fried radish strips.

Vegetarians are not forgotten because Kinsa Sushi has also come up with a Veggie Delight Yasai Maki (S$14.80), wholesomely stuffed with carrot and asparagus strips, and complete with fresh and creamy avocado slices.

Unagi Sushi Kinsa

Meanwhile, some other highlights from Kinsa Sushi’s regular ala carte menu include the ever-popular Anago sushi that is gorgeously plated with a huge and generous piece of sweet anago.

Kinsa Sushi Udon

The yakiudon comes in a really generous portion, but what delighted us greatly was this gyuniku udon that was so flavourful and hearty, we couldn’t stop slurping!

And no one should leave Kinsa Sushi without trying their bestselling Wagyu Don (S$24.90), made using Grade A4 Kagoshima Wagyu with an onsen egg.

Kinsa Sushi Purple Maki

As part of our nation’s SG50 celebrations, Kinsa Sushi will be offering a S$5 rebate* for every S$50 spent (before service charge and GST), valid for dine in only for the month of August 2015.

* T&Cs for Kinsa Sushi’s SG50 vouchers
- Valid for dine in only
- Voucher redemptions valid for subsequent visits
- Not valid with other discounts, promotions and vouchers
- Redemption amount is based on diners’ single receipt

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