The Biggest Durian Fest Buffet at Resorts World Sentosa Returns With a Bang

RWS Durian Fest

Every year, Resorts World Sentosa celebrates the love for durians with an annual Durian Fest, showcasing only the best durians available on the market. This year’s event, held on 10 & 11 July 2015, was a resounding success with tickets selling out quicker than you could spell ‘durian’. Pleasing hundreds of people all over Singapore, the main draw of this yearly affair is that premium durians are served and prepared for you free-flow so you can literally have as many as you desire!

Alongside the massive stack of durians available over the two days were seasonal fruits such as longkong, jackfruit, mangosteens and rambutans. To wash down the richness of the durians, bottles of cooling water and fresh coconuts were also made conveniently available. 

Resorts World Sentosa Durian Buffet

The annual Durian Fest at Resorts World Sentosa is truly an unforgettably spectacular event, and here are some highlights to share. You know you have to be at the next one in 2016.

The event was held at The Coliseum at Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, because every year, there is a large number of people to cater to. It is like a gathering for all the durian fans in Singapore! Napkins and gloves are provided for, together with a mini basket for you to dump all your shells and seed at.

The Coliseum

The stage at The Coliseum was where all the prized gems were. As the World’s Largest Stack of Durians, expect only the best of the best durians – all ready for you to feast on. You can find the highly raved about ‘butter durian’ – Mao Shan Wang, the classic local favourite – D24, and other delicious option such as the sweet Qing Zhu (or ‘Green Bamboo’).

Durian Fest

You can join the crowd at the front of the stage to choose your favourite kinds and to pick your pieces, and there will be someone to cut and prepare the durians for you to consume. Free flow of durians might seem like a dream to many, and the good news is that those dreams can become a reality every year at Resorts World Sentosa for the annual Durian Fest.

Thai Coconut

If having a lot of your favourite durians might be ‘heaty‘ for you, wash it down with a refreshing coconut that is served to you chilled. Nothing feels quite as rejuvenating as washing down the durian with some sweet coconut water.

Well, once again, you do not have to do the “dirty job”. Just place your order for the coconuts, the server will chop it for you, and you can sit back and enjoy the royally pleasing treat. Best way to combat the summer heat too!


The star of the show may be the durians, but the jackfruit served were so sweet and juicy that we were surprised we could stay away from binge-eating the delicious durians for a moment.

Longkongs (or sometimes referred to as Langsat) contains a translucent juicy center that bursts with sweetness as you bite into it. The Longkong is a splendid combination of sour and sweet, providing a nice tartness and tanginess.


The rambutan flesh tasted almost like the longkongs – sweet and sour all at a time. We loved the crunch of the fruit too!


The mangosteen is a beautiful seasonal fruit and was also available as part of the buffet line-up. This fruit is relatively expensive, but here at the buffet, you can eat your fill and eat all you want! All of the seasonal fruits are best eaten after a round of durians, to cleanse and prepare your palates for perhaps, even more durians!

Mao Shan Wang

D24 has long be thought to be one of the best durians and is also a favourite among Singaporeans and durian connoisseurs. Some like their durians nice and bitter, some like it just a little sweeter. Bitter durians might be an acquired taste to some, but for many at the buffet, it was a hit! D24 is known to be a creamy and bitter variety of durian, and is highly favoured for its premium taste as such.

Mao Shan Wang

‘Mao Shan Wang’ literally translates to ‘Cat Mountain King’, and it spots a very distinct bright yellow colour. This fleshy gem is referred to as ‘butter durian’ as it is extremely creamy, possibly the creamiest durian in the market.

It has the perfect balance of bitter and sweet and the richness of the durian flesh is to die for. The buttery smooth taste of the ‘Mao Shan Wang’ brands itself as the ‘King of Durians’ and we are not complaining.

Qing Zhu

The ‘Qing Zhu’ (Green Bamboo) is the sweetest of the lot and popular amongst those who dislike bitterness in their durians. Even though this range is not as creamy and fleshy as compared to the other two, the nice sweet taste of the flesh is one to remember. And we actually enjoyed this range the most!

Durian Mascot

Every year during durian season, you might find yourself chalking up bills of a few hundred dollars just from buying a few of these premium durians. The annual Durian Fest is the perfect opportunity to binge as much durians as you want without victimising your bank account.

RWS Invites

For just S$98nett (adult, non-member), it is a completely fantastic deal. However, if you sign up for a RWS Invites membership, together with the purchase of 2 adult passes, you only pay S$75 per person. This is just one of the many countless benefits of being an RWS Invites member, together with other dining benefits and discounts. To find out more on how you can become an RWS Invites member, head on to

Are you ready for RWS Durian Fest 2016?

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