GreenDot – Delicious Healthy Meat-Free Meals At Pocket-Friendly Prices


If you are thinking of having a meat-free food meal that is not only healthy but affordable, you might want to add GreenDot to your list of restaurants. The co-founder’s family has been in the meat-free food business for decades, and being a supplier themselves, they are ever proud of their high quality and stay true to keeping their prices competitive.

With the motto “Eat Green, Feel Good”, the people behind GreenDot are strong believers of eating green to stay healthy. In order to cater to their customer’s nutritional needs, they have teamed up with a group of nutritionists to serve food that contains only the most beneficial ingredients, and there is no added MSG.

Greendot Singapore

This humble restaurant currently has three outlets (Westgate, Paya Lebar Square and Bedok Mall) in Singapore and it plans to open a few more outlets so that everyone can enjoy affordable meat-free meals.

The best thing about GreenDot is most dishes on the menu are priced under S$10 – you can have a well-balanced meal without burning a hole in your pocket.

Greendot Meat Free

GreenDot distinguishes themselves in serving home-cooked fares prepared down to the very last detail – much like how our moms do. Step into the restaurant, and you will be greeted by a welcoming interior and a group of passionate employees who will enhance your experience; good food that reminds of you dining at home, that is what we really love about GreenDot.

Lunch Bento

For the working crowd, their customised bento lunch sets allow you to grab a quick lunch at a pocket-friendly price of S$7.90. Customize your lunch, and pick only your favourites. You get to choose from 5 different types of rice choices – Beauty Rice, Emperor Rice, Five Treasure Rice, Fragrance Rice or even Sesame Rice.

Mix and match is the fun part here – opt for one main and two greens from their bento counter. Our favourite was definitely the Cereal Konnyaku, a high fibre and low-fat dish. The Konnyaku is coated with cereal, then tossed with bird’s eye chilli and curry leaves till golden brown. The taste barred close resemblance to that of Cereal Prawns, a hawker dish no stranger to any Singaporean.

Rendang Bowl

Some other crowd pleasers include their Lion Mane Mushroom Rendang Bowl (S$9.50), Tom Yam Noodles (S$6.50) and Laksa Noodles (S$5.90). Now, trust us when we say the Lion Mane Mushroom Rendang Bowl can be really addictive. It comes with Lion Mane mushrooms and assorted mushrooms with signature rendang sauce atop sesame rice. Definitely not your usual vegetarian food, and it is one so flavourful that we really did not miss our meat at all.


Every ingredient used for the dishes at GreenDot is handpicked by their owners and is free of MSG. They believe in the philosophy of crafting their broth from scratch; mom will approve.

Lion Mane Mushroom Burger

For burger fans, you will be surprised, but GreenDot serves a series of meat-free burgers that are so tantalizing, they are bound to whet your appetites. Their Lion Mane Mushroom Burger Set (S$11.80) comes with a patty fused with mashed Lion Mane mushrooms and soy. It is then smothered with feisty black pepper sauce, cheese, Green Coral lettuce and tomatoes for a complete experience. Complete with fries and salad served on the side, of course.

To be most honest, we were not expecting ourselves to love this meat-free burger. How exciting can a mushroom patty be, right? But you know what they say about “do not judge a book by its cover”? We finally grasped the meaning of this saying. Now, make a trip down to GreenDot and try the burger for yourself; you will sing praises of it too.

Mini Hotpot

Need your steamboat fix? Sure, this mini hotpot set at S$29.90 will do the trick. It is ridiculously affordable, because the set comes with a whole pot of green goodness and mushrooms that last a lifetime, together with free refills of soup, two bowls of brown rice and free refill of tea. A mini hot pot set for four is also available at S$49.90, with extra ingredients in the basket, four bowls of rice, and a mushroom platter.

The mini hotpot set comes with 3 variations of soup of your choice – Herb, Laksa and Tom Yam. And we say go straight for the herb broth. It is incredible beyond words. Prepared with ten different kinds of fresh herbs that boost blood circulation, reduce cholesterol and to expel heat from the body, this broth got us so hooked. There were many items on our table for lunch, and subconsciously, all of us kept reaching for more soup from the hotpot. We had thought we would drink this for good complexion, but heck, we will drink it because it tastes so damn hearty!

Of course, apart from your greens and mushrooms, the platter also comes with Konnyaku prawns, crispy beancurd skin (tau kee) and Green Corals.

Tom Yum Noodles

We are carnivores and we are proud of it. But for this table of gorgeous greens and real food, we are more than happy to eat clean and eat green at GreenDot – which has rocketed to become our favourite vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. GreenDot is the best testament that having a healthy and meat-free meal need not be expensive.

P.S. We heard it is really popular with the executives and families in the area!

Paya Lebar Square
60 Paya Lebar Road, #02-15/16/17
Singapore 409051
Tel: +65 6702 2221
Daily: 11am – 10pm
Nearest MRT: Paya Lebar

This post is brought to you by GreenDot.