Beanstro At Marina Bay Sands Reopens With A New Menu Of Mouth-Watering Gourmet Mains


If you are looking to dine in Marina Bay Sands without burning a hole in your wallet, Beanstro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf shall well be your answer. Offering a wide variety of mains, desserts and drinks, Beanstro is a lovely bistro that boasts a casual and laid-back vibe for shoppers and weekenders.

If you are craving for cafe fare, Beanstro also offers a variety of all-day breakfast mains. Expect a generous serving of the classic Eggs Benedict and other scrumptious choices such as Croque Madame and Crustaceans Omelette.

Let us not forget that Beanstro offers The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s signature drinks like coffee and ice blended drinks; perfect pair-ups with your hearty mains. Here, we share with you all the goodness about Beanstro at Marina Bay Sands that we love.

California Shrimp Salad

Salad lovers will fall in love with this California Shrimp Salad (S$19.50) and this makes a wonderful choice for those who are seeking something light. The fresh vegetables are tossed in together with crunchy walnuts, orange segments, grapes with a unique strawberry cream tea-infused vinaigrette.

The crunch and textural variety gives off a very light-hearted and fresh-tasting overall bite, and the serving of big and juicy poached prawns adds a nice touch. Beanstro also has other salad options to offer, such as the classic House Salad (S$10.50) and Caesar Salad (S$13).


Get your taste buds flowing with other interesting starters such as the Wild Mushroom Cappuccino (S$8.50) – a rich and earthy mushroom soup, topped off with fresh milk foam, just like a cup of actual warm cappuccino (which you can also get here!).

If you visit Beanstro in a group, that is the best excuse to order side dishes to share! We totally loved the Crispy Calamari (S$9) that comes with a side of tasty dill aioli. Both crispy and crunchy, the calamari slices are highly addictive when dipped into a side of dill aioli. You have been warned.

The Buffalo Wings (S$10.50) is also a treat for meat lovers. The spice rub on the drumlets is one-of-a-kind and is perfect on its own or with the accompanying cheese dip. To add a little crunch or to tone down the spice level, have a bite of a celery and carrot stick that are all served on the side.

Eggs Benedict

You can never go wrong with a plate of Classic Eggs Benedict (S$18) served with a slather of homemade hollandaise, wilted spinach, choice of chicken ham (we recommend this) or smoked salmon. The serving is more than generous, the eggs are beautifully poached, and it is most photogenic for your Instagram feed!

Chicken Pomodoro Pasta

Pasta fans should go right for the Chicken Pomodoro (S$17.50). Where do you find a delicious and good-looking plate of pasta in Marina Bay Sands for under S$20 but Beanstro? The spaghetti is coated evenly with the tomato cream sauce and adds just the right amount of tanginess and very slight acidity for a complex but flawless taste.

It is hard to fault a good tomato pasta, especially this one that is topped off with fresh parmesan cheese and tossed in with a liberal amount of chicken breast strips, making it a relatively healthy choice. You can feel our love for it, can you?

Seafood Risotto

Look no further, seafood and risotto lovers; this dish of Seafood Risotto (S$26.50) will blow your mind. It showcases a plethora of fresh seafood, topping off a rich and creamy risotto.

In your risotto sits a pile of treasures from the sea – the scallops plump and beautifully seared, the mussels big and fresh, and the tiger prawns so sweet and juicy. And more importantly, we often gripe about the lack of good risotto in Singapore. With this dish now, we can satisfy our cravings without having our wallets take a beating. Absolute bang for your buck with the generous serving!


If you choose to skip past the risotto to go for some seriously good fish, the Oven-Baked Miso Barramundi & Prawn (S$21) it shall be. Nicely seared barramundi fish is paired up with juicy tiger prawns and is served over a bed of sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes and mesclun salad, which is also tossed in the same strawberry cream tea-infused vinaigrette.

Classic Burger

Red meat lover? Fret not, there are steak and burger options for you too. If you are stuck in a difficult decision between these two, try the Classic Burger (S$21) as it can do no wrong. Juicy beef patty is served sandwiched between the burger buns, together with tomatoes, relish pickle, mushroom ragout, grated onion and the melty goodness of emmental cheese. All burger and sandwiches are also served with a side of shoestring fries.

Prime Sirloin and Lamb Cutlets are also available on the menu with other hearty European-style mains such as Fish & Chips (S$23) and Chicken Piccata (S$20.50).

Panna Cotta

Save some tummy space for desserts. The Vanilla Ceylon Panna Cotta (S$8) is a delighting treat for those who want something milky and fruity. The layer of berry jelly topping the panna cotta balances the sweetness of the panna cotta with a light tart taste. The bowl is finished off with some fresh strawberries and blueberries.

The Salted Caramel Bread & Butter Pudding (S$9) is done the traditional way and combining modern favourites with the addition of salted caramel sauce. Served warm, the bread pudding is a definite comfort food with the aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Beanstro Marina Bay Sands

There are not many restaurants with delicious mains that cost less than S$20-S$30, and Beanstro serves the purpose of bringing you unpretentious Western mains at an inexpensive price tag. And of course, you will probably pay a lot more to dine at its counterparts in Marina Bay Sands, so the next time you need an affordable option when at the integrated resort, you know where to head to, yes?

B2-20, Canal Level
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018956
Tel: +65 6688 7001
Mon to Thu, Sun: 8am – 11pm
Fri & Sun: 8am – 2am
Nearest Station: Bayfront

This post is brought to you by Beanstro.