The Ultimate Crab Feast Buffet 2015 Is Back At PARKROYAL On Beach Road

Ultimate Crab Buffet

Plaza Brasserie at PARKROYAL On Beach Road is bringing back The Ultimate Crab Feast Buffet from 8 June to 23 August 2015!

Do we hear screams and cries of excitement already? As Singaporeans, we can never get enough of crabs, can we? This annual crab buffet is totally a dream come true for all of us crab lovers.

Last year, it was such a sell-out that reservations were filled up quicker than you can spell ‘crabs’. We know many of you were disappointed, we really do. This year, the buffet will run for more than two months, and there will be lunch seatings on Sundays too.

Salted Egg Crab

Now, time to welcome the idea of free-flow of crabs cooked in 8 tantalizing ways, and be prepared for a taste of heaven at Plaza Brasserie at PARKROYAL On Beach Road with The Ultimate Crab Feast Buffet. Here are some of the cooking styles you can expect:

Chilli crab


Let’s jus say The Ultimate Crab Feast Buffet needs only the most befitting flavours, and chilli crab it shall be. Dubbed as the quintessential Singapore food, this local favourite will win the hearts of everyone. Together with deep-fried mantou that is also free flow, we are in heaven.

Cereal Crab


There may be all sorts of cooking methods for crabs, but some things are ever classic and nothing’s gonna change our love for them. Like cereal crab. Sweet, crispy cereal stir-fried with chilli padi, bringing out the sweetness of fresh crabs; very addictive, and you have been warned.

Salted Egg Yolk Crab


We are not the only ones who are obsessed, right? Don’t lie if you are going to say you are not obsessed. We know you are. The chefs at Plaza Brasserie told us this was the most popular style last year, and they are definitely including this again for this year’s line-up. Yay to salted egg yolk crab! The creamy goodness will never fail us!

Black Pepper Crab


Oh, come on! Who says no to black pepper crabs?! Even Gordon Ramsay loves the Singapore-style black pepper crab, and we are pretty darn sure Plaza Brasserie’s version will impress him too.

White Pepper Crab


How about a change? Pepper-anything for crabs is always good, and white pepper is as good as, if not better than black pepper crab. No, really. We actually prefer this rendition because it is spicier and more robust in flavour.

Curry Crab


Quite unforgettable and very lethal, the curry crab is also a crowd’s favourite and the chefs are honestly so good at this. The main ingredients that go into the making of the curry crab are lemon grass, curry powder, red chilli and coconut milk. The end result? You have to try it for yourself to believe how darn delicious curry can get.

Steamed crab dang gui


Herbal broths are ever so comforting. This version with angelica herb (dang gui) has proven its popularity from last year’s buffet. While the herb has a slight bitterness, when steamed and simmered with the crab, the sweetness of the crab actually slices through the bitterness, producing a very balanced flavoured herbal broth.

Honey rock crab


Introducing an all-new flavour – the Crab with Honey Rock Sugar. The chefs are very proud of this creation, and if our tummies could nod in agreement… So anyway, this version is similar to marmite crabs, but with a more delicate sweetness that does not overpower the freshness of the crab flesh. We really like it a lot and we are sure you would too!


The Ultimate Crab Feast is complemented with a delicious spread of local favourites and Asian cuisine from the gourmet capitals in our Best of Asia spread. It is most definitely value-for-money, because you get to eat your fill from all the crabs and regular buffet spread.

We are not accountable if you drool all over your keyboard while reading this. And, the seatings are limited, and the tables fill up really quickly. So make your reservations fast; you have been warned.

The Ultimate Crab Feast
8 June to 23 August 2015
Buffet Dinner (Daily), 6pm to 10:00pm
Buffet Lunch (Sunday), 12pm to 2:30pm
Adult: $75 / Child: $45

*All photos used in this post are for illustration purposes only. During the actual buffet runs, the crabs will be chopped up, cleaned and placed in communal pots over the counter. This is to facilitate easy and safe eating, and you can go for as many refills as you want. Any request for the crabs to be served whole will not be entertained due to hygiene reasons and compliances.

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