Maman – A Charming And Rustic Bakery Cafe In SoHo, New York City


Morning walks in SoHo, Manhattan saw us combing the streets to feed our perpetual hunger for beautiful cafes and coffee places, and one of those finds include this gem of a place called Maman.

Slightly off the beaten tracks of SoHo, Maman is a coffee, bakery and lunch outlet – or what we would like to think of as one of our favourite finds in Mahattan.

There is something about florals and French jazz that gets our hearts. This rustic bakery is every bit visually arresting. The space is lavishly filled with fresh blooms in whites and purples, like a garden that Audrey Hepburn would be seen having cakes at.

Maman NYC

The aroma of fresh bake perfumes the place daily, and French jazz tracks are on the loop. Bakers are hard at work, and diners start their days with gorgeous house bakes and coffee; Maman is an artisanal breakfast spot, indeed.

Maman Brunch

But actually, we would say to ditch the coffee and go for the Lavender Hot Chocolate (US$4 for small, US$4.90 for large). Infused with fresh lavender, this sweet drink is brilliantly fragrant and completely addictive. It was the best that we ever had, and we couldn’t help but to get a second helping.

Maman bakes lovely pound cakes, and the one to try is most definitely the Lavender Blueberry Pound Cake (US$3.50). Lightly sweet and as au naturel as it can get, this had us change our minds about pound cakes being dry and boring.

Maman Cafe

There is also a range of quiches daily, and they are US$6.53 for a huge slice. You can have your regular croissants (US$3.50) too. If you need something more wholesome, why not pick the Egg Salad Sandwich (US$6)? We love how it is not just your typical egg mayo sandwich, but one with avocado and dill.

Did we also mention that Maman has a merchandise corner where you can pick up healthy chips, preserves and baking needs too?

239 Centre Street, New York
Tel: +01 (212) 226 0770
Mon to Fri: 7am – 6pm
Sat: 8am – 6pm
Sun: 9am – 6pm
Nearest Station: Canal Street/Spring Street