9 Reasons Why We Bring Along The Panasonic LUMIX GF7 Everywhere We Go

Panasonic LUMIX GF7

There are endless digital camera options in the market. Plenty of models to pick from, all with its respective niches and functions, of different price points, and in the colours of a rainbow.

We are such camera junkies and we often find ourselves torn between choices. There were bad decisions we made, money that we shouldn’t have spent, but you know what? Our latest acquisition is definitely a right choice – the Panasonic LUMIX GF7. We go everywhere with it now – on our daily escapades, for official photo shoots, when we go on holidays and media trips… it is now a mainstay in our bag, and we have become so reliant on it.

Brighton Beach

The functions are more than incredible. And it is the best selfie camera that we’ve laid hands on. It also comes with a wifi function, so we can conveniently download our images to our phones for immediate upload on social media platforms. The cherry on top? It is only S$699, and it comes in a palette of four fashionable colours!

It is true. We bring our GF7 everywhere we go now. And we will share with you 9 reasons just why so.


We took this photo when we were dining at Movida, a popular tapas restaurant in Melbourne. The interior was dark rest for some red lamps hanging from the ceiling, but we managed to get a bright and clear shot of our food that is true to its colours with the LUMIX GF7.


The need to take photos of our food under low light is increasing, because these days, the darker the restaurant, the more romantic and luxe it is, right? Or let’s just say we are often faced with low light conditions in general, and that will result in our food looking yellowy in photos. For such circumstances, a flash is required to complement our DSLR for a proper shot.

Matcha Hotcake

But guess what? Our GF7 can perform the same duty nonetheless! No external flash needed, no compromise on our food’s original colours – the photos will all turn out oh-so-fine.

Zumbo Macarons


For all our overseas trips, we usually face the difficulty of getting passersby to help with taking photos with our DSLR. The photos either turn out over/under exposed, or terribly blurred and beyond salvation. But we say goodbye to that problem now that we have our LUMIX GF7. Because it is not as intimating as a DSLR, and so easy to use – even the most clueless passerby whom we’d call to help will be able to take a decent and focused shot for us.

Let’s just say this is the perfect camera for beginners and everyone else who wants an easy photo-taking process.

By the way, if you want to skip the part about adjusting the lightings and all other settings, there is an iA button that you can simply press and have the settings automated for you.

LUMIX GF7 Selfie


If you are looking for the perfect selfie camera, the Panasonic LUMIX GF7 is your answer. We are sold; we cannot believe just how convenient it is and how amazing the results are!

For a start, you need not worry about fumbling with the camera and having blurred photo as a result of shaky hands. The GF7 has a function to detect your face, then snap within a second. So you just have to position yourself in the frame, smile, and look pretty.

GF7 Selfie

All you have to do is to cover your face with one hand after positioning yourself in the frame, and upon putting your hand down, smile and the shutter will go off.

Lumix GF7 Beauty Function


On top of taking selfies hands-free, the camera is packed with many genius beauty functions. Now, you don’t have to spend so much time editing your selfies on ten different apps. Been there, done that, got enough of it.

LUMIX Selfie

With the GF7, you can have slimmer faces and smoother skin. Just activate the respective functions, tune to your preferred volume, and snap your selfies as per normal. You will glow in the photos, we promise.

Brilliant. This gives us so much more confidence and motivation to take selfies.



Your camera can be an accessory too! In fact, the GF7 will be your statement piece. It comes in four different colours to suit four different moods – the classic black for that timeless elegance and to match all outfits, the sleek white for an understated beauty and touch of femininity , the casual honey brown for a more laid-back and muted style, and the sassy pink that is loud and definitely attention-grabbing.

LUMIX GF7 Orange


And have we mentioned how light the camera is? At 266g (excluding the lens), it is so light that we almost don’t feel the weight. Be it daily use or travelling, the GF7 will be your best friend. It won’t make your bag significantly heavy, and it is so light that you can even sling the camera on your shoulders for the entire day out.

Shifen Taiwan


Yet another reason to love the camera is its wi-fi function. Transferring photos from the camera to the phone is super quick and it is no rocket science. All you have to do is to download the Panasonic Image App, then do a one-time set-up to connect your phone to the camera. Every time you need to transfer your photos, just connect both devices via your phone’s wifi function, select whichever images you need, and they’ll be downloaded to your phone in a jiffy.

This makes life so much easier, especially when you want to upload the photos to your social media accounts immediately. You know, instantaneous updates and sharing your life real time…

LUMIX GF7 Camera


Unlike most compact cameras that come with a fixed lens, LUMIX GF7¬†allows you to change the lens accordingly. Planning to shoot landscape? Change to your LUMIX G 14mm lens. Taking food photography under low-light condition? My favourite option is the 15mm F1.7 lens. For those who want to take photos of wildlife, there’s the LUMIX G 100-300mm lens.


Because we save the best for the last. At an unbelievable retail price of S$699, the LUMIX GF7 is one of the most affordable multi-function digital cameras around! We haven’t come across such a good deal in a long while, and for the price you pay for this model, you definitely get a lot more in the mileage it can offer. Total bang for your buck, and there is absolutely no reason to say no to this wondrous camera!

To learn more about LUMIX GF7, go to Panasonic.com and like Panasonic Singapore on Facebook.

This post is brought to you by Panasonic LUMIX GF7.