Bonusbay Gives You Cashback For Your Online Shopping – A Free Service Too Good To Be True


Bonusbay is a shopping portal that provides a free service that helps you get money back on your online purchases – with no strings attached. Whether you are shopping at Zalora, getting a new iPhone from Apple Store, booking a hotel on Agoda or getting your flights from Qatar for your next holiday, you get bonus cashback as long as you connect to the websites through Bonusbay.

It is a brilliant platform that encourages savings while shopping, and trust us on this – it is easy peasy and it takes just a few more clicks to enjoy the cashback. Why say no to savings, right?

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So how does it work, you’d wonder? Read on to find out more about how you can shop and save with Bonusbay giving you cashback for your online shopping – a free service that is so good and unconditional, you’d wonder if it’s true. And yes, it is true.

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We know Bonusbay sounds too good to be true, and you must be wondering if there is any catch to this. When you make a purchase at your favourite webstores – like Zalora, Apple, Luxola – through Bonusbay, the merchants will pay them sales commission for your purchases, and Bonusbay shares this commission with you in the form of a bonus.

The idea is similar to that of cashback from credit cards. It is a win-win situation. You get cashback directly to your Paypal account simply from shopping via Bonusbay.

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Let’s just put it this way, you are going to shop online at your favourite shops anyway. Why not do it through Bonusbay and earn the extra cashback? As mentioned, Bonusbay is a completely free service and you do not have to pay anything to sign up as a member. All you have to do is to log in to your Bonusbay account and connect to the webstore through Bonusbay’s site, then shop as per normal. Everything is the same from there on.

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Bonusbay has curated more than 200 stores from all over the world across every category. There are big names like Apple Store, Shopbop, Sony,, as well as local brands such as Courts, Rakuten, and FoodPanda.

Grocery Shopping

As much as we love grocery shopping, sometimes it can be quite a hassle to go to the supermarket after a long day of work. That’s when RedMart – an online grocery store that delivers straight to your doorstep – comes in handy.

It takes us no more than 30 seconds to log in to our Bonusbay account and click “Get Bonus” to link to Redmart’s website to get our groceries and home essentials. The reward? 5% bonus back for all your grocery shopping!

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From hotels to flights, car rental, travel packages and travel insurance, Bonusbay has 40 travel-related merchants. gives 3.80% bonus for Bonusbay’s users, while Expedia provides 4% bonus for every booking.

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Let’s say you are going for a 4D3N holiday to Bali, and the stay costs S$300/night. If you book your accommodation on Expedia via Bonusbay, you get S$36 cash back just by logging in to Bonusbay.

Budget travelling

It can add up to pretty significant savings for those who travel frequently. Make it a habit to do every booking through Bonusbay!

Bonusbay Cashback

Fashion and Beauty items can see great savings too. This is especially so for those of you who shop online regularly. We bought a pair of boots from Shopbop and got S$5.90 back in cashback. As mentioned earlier, it took us no more than 30 seconds to log in to our Bonusbay account and click “Get Bonus” to Shopbop’s website. There is really no reason for you not to use Bonusbay when you are shopping online.

Bonusbay Three Steps Guide


1. Create an account on and log in every time you want to shop.

2. Browse through the list of merchants curated by Bonusbay and go to your favourite online shops through Bonusbay – by clicking on “Get Bonus” – and shop away. Just these few additional clicks and you are on your way to enjoying the cashback.

3. Check out from the stores as usual and watch your bonuses grow on Bonusbay.

4. The payout will take a while, but it will be reflected on your Paypal once it is being processed. You need not do anything more to “redeem your rebates”!

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If you are new to Bonusbay, sign up through this link and get welcome bonus of S$5. Now, we are telling you again – shopaholics have to bookmark Bonusbay. And even if you are not a regular shopper, pick up the habit of shopping via Bonusbay and you will be thankful for the savings in the long run.

For those who are already on Bonusbay, you can earn unlimited amount of cash back from every friend you refer. And be sure to install Bonusbay Chrome extension which will notify you for additional Bonusbay discount whenever you visit any popular online stall.  

This post is brought to you by Bonusbay.