Inter Restaurant: Our All-Time Favourite Thai Restaurant in Bangkok


A perennial favourite in Bangkok is Inter Restaurant at Siam Square Soi 9. Whenever we are at the Land of Smiles, we will find ourselves returning to this humble eatery for a meal or two. Or more.

Well, don’t expect a lavish interior nor impeccable service. Inter is completely opposite. It is unpretentious, the space is simple and sufficient but nothing fancy to boast, the staff are not the friendliest. But we love it oh-so-deeply because the kitchen whips up terrific Thai dishes at super affordable prices that range from THB 65 to THB 120.

Inter Restaurant

Sounds predictable? Sure, there is really nothing out of the world here. But what earned our many years of loyalty is its consistency and authenticity. A full menu of hearty Thai dishes like tomyum, pad Thai, green curry chicken, stir-fried morning glory, stir-fried kale with crispy pork, fried rice and fried pork with garlic and pepper… and the list goes on.

Cheap and good local food sounds overused, but is just about right. We’d say Inter redefines ‘cheap and good local food’.

This eatery may sit in the heart of Siam Square, but strangely, it is not flooded with tourists. Yet. Its daily crowd is made up of locals, locals, and more locals. So they say, “dine where the locals dine.” This is it. Can’t get more authentic than that, huh?

Unlike many other tourist traps in Siam Square that serves nothing more than exorbitant Thai food that are really just watered-down versions with fancy names, Inter Restaurant is a gem and we hope it stays tourist-free and humble just the way it is. We are sounding too much like an obsessed lover, but oh, Inter. How we love you so!

Inter Restaurant
Siam Square Soi 9
Tel: +66 2 251 4689
Nearest Station: Siam

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