Why You Should Get The Entertainer Singapore 2015: Best 2-For-1 Dining/Travel App

The Entertainer

Do you remember The Entertainer?

We shared our love for our favourite app a year ago and you can read it here, and it is still our favourite dining app since. If you don’t already know, it is an app that entitles you to 2-for-1 deals for food, travel and lifestyle. Yes, you read that right. Buy 1 get 1 free – with no strings attached. We know how irritating it is when a promotion comes with all sorts of terms and conditions, so we are done with that nonsense and we are now loyal to The Entertainer.

You have no idea how much money this app has saved us for the past year, and come 2015, we will definitely purchase it again for a whole year of deals and savings. With over seven hundred and fifty offers for Singapore’s hottest restaurants, bars, cafes, spas and attractions, The Entertainer Singapore 2015 will take you through a year of unbelievable and unbeatable one-for-one fun. And if you travel a lot, be spoilt with the choices of over 250 participating 4 and 5-star hotels that are also offering two-for-one night stays!

Entertainer 2015

Get The Entertainer Singapore 2015 before 31 December 2014 and enjoy an early bird promotion at S$60 for the mobile version of the app. That’s not all. On top of the early bird promotion, readers of ladyironchef get an additional 10% off the Entertainer App when you use the promo code: 2015LIC.

We share with you why this is one app that is the best Christmas present you can gift yourself and your loved ones, alongside some sneak peeks on the deals you can look out for in the app.

Here’s why you should get The Entertainer Singapore 2015 – the best 2-for-1 dining and travel app:

Entertainer Trial Version


The Entertainer comes in two forms – a mobile app and a book. The offers in both products are standardised, and the expected savings for a full utilisation is S$89,000. New offers are regularly added to the app throughout the year, and each merchant offers three vouchers – they may be identical promotions, or a mixture of various offers.

Okay, now to the cost. Which may be quite a scare on first sight, but allow us to tell you why it is actually not that expensive after all. The app retails at S$75 and it can be purchased on the website or via your app store. The book retails at S$80 that comes in a collective form of individual coupons, and can also be purchased on the website or at selected bookstores. Each purchase lasts you till 31 December 2015.

Entertainer SG

As mentioned, there is an early bird promotion if you make your purchase before 31 December 2014. The app will go at S$60 and the book will be at S$75 with free shipping. Remember to use the promo code: 2015LIC to get an additional 10% discount. And trust us, you will get this investment back easily with all the savings when you dine out and travel.

Entertainer app


No complicated procedures on how to redeem your deals. For the book, it is straightforward. They come in individual coupons, so every time you make a purchase, just present the respective ones and they will waive the item instantly.

The app is no rocket science, too. Upon activating the app, you will create a code for yourself, and every time you want to redeem a deal, just punch in your code, then have the merchant key theirs in, and we are done. The second item will then be free and waived from your bill.


You can search by categories – dining, travel, attractions, spas, hotels etc. And you can also search by areas, malls and cuisines.

Found your regular haunts, or places that you’ve been meaning to visit? Have them bookmarked and they can easily be found under your ‘Favourites’, so you’d not have to scramble to look for them when you need to do your redemption.

There is also a tab that calculates your savings. And we call this the ‘feel-good tab’. That inexplicable satisfaction when you see the ticking numbers… your decision to purchase The Entertainer 2015 is proven to be right.

Lime Champagne Brunch


Now, where do we even begin? The line up of participating merchants is an enthralling one – expect the finest restaurants, bars, cafes hotels, spas, and attractions. Some of our favourite dining establishments – as well as new dining spots that we have been meaning to try out – include Bedrock, & Sons, Bitters & Love, Lime Restaurant, Fat Cow, Ben & Jerry and Zaffron Kitchen.

Let us illustrate how you can enjoy instant saving: You order a main course at a participating restaurant for S$42, and your partner orders another for S$40. The total bill would then be S$42 before taxes. It is as simple as this, and you now see how it is really buy one get one free?

The Entertainer Travel 2015 is also included as part of the package – it features over 250 free night offers at leading 4 and 5-star hotels across Asia and beyond. So it works the same way – you buy one night, the second one is free.

If you are a food lover and dine out often, there is absolutely no reason for you to not buy the app. So make sure you get it before 31 December 2014 for the early bird promotion. 365 days of feasting with the best 2-for-1 dining and travel deals with The Entertainer Singapore 2015. Get it now!

This post is brought to you by The Entertainer Singapore.