Flat Iron Steak Restaurant London

Flat Iron Steak

We had many great meals when we were in London last week, but the standout was the dinner that we had at Flat Iron Steak. It is one of those hip and trendy no-reservation restaurants that have been popping up all over Soho. If we had to describe Flat Iron Steak in just one word, it would be brilliant.

There is only one dish on the menu – the flat iron steak. The steak is superbly cooked and very tasty. While the flat iron is not the best cut, at £10 for a steak, it is extremely value for money and warrants a visit. You can order accompanying sides such as dripping cooked fries, creamed spinach, and roast aubergine.

Flat Iron

We love dining concepts like these that just focus on doing one item well. It would be really cool if there are more of such dining concepts, just imagine restaurants that specialise in serving one signature item.

Flat Iron Steak
17 Beak Street
London WC2H 8LS
Nearest Station: Oxford Circus/Piccadilly Circus