Spa at Four Seasons Resort Bali

Four Seasons Spa

We have been to several spas in Bali, and while there is a great disparity between the shabby ones and the ones with impressive architectures, there is also a differentiation between the ones with good and better architectures. The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Bali boasts of one that is easily the nicest in the Jimbaran area, and the sheer space imprinted nothing but a fond impression and memory. The grandeur of its in-house spa is almost at the level of a destination spa, and though it is within the Four Seasons Resort Bali itself, stepping into the spa feels like stepping into a separate arena of luxury; a sanctuary of peace, relaxation and tranquility.

We settled for a couple villa that was complete with an outdoor bath tub and rain shower. Our therapists brought us to our villa after having us fill up a comprehensive form to better understand our basic health conditions, problem area(s) and strength preference. Very thoughtful, because a simple gesture like this makes a big difference to the overall experience of our massage session.


FS Spa

The room was well-furbished to the garden theme, and the atmosphere was set right to retreat into the much needed comfort – lavender and a hint of geranium burning and filling the air with an invigorating scent and soft spa tracks tinkling to a repertoire. Our thoughtful therapists went through the various ingredients that were to be used for our couple treatment, and had us choose from a selection of body scrubs and massage oils – all these while we soaked our feet in pans of warm water sprinkled with aromatic sea salt.

To kickstart the luxurious couple treatment, we had an exfoliating scrub that left our skin feeling clean and fresh, after which we were given some private time to soak in the lush bath tub covered completely with red rose petals. The floral bath was simple yet so rewarding for it served as a quiet time to take in all the marvels of the pampering session as we stared at the floating rose petals and listened to the birds chirp freely, all around us.

And the second half of the treatment was a relatively relaxing massage that sent us both to slumber. Our usual preference for massage is that of a strong and firm one to hit every pressure point, but because the couple treatment was meant to be an energising one for the souls, we were treated to a round of slow but long-strokes massage by the skilful Balinese.

Four Seasons Bali Spa

Indeed, when at Bali, it is well worth the splurge to indulge in a holistic spa treatment. Take a little time off your holiday timetable, and dedicate a morning to restoring your soul. Place your faith in a professional luxury spa, and enjoy Four Seasons Resort Bali Spa.

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