Editor’s Note October 2013

Spa Feature

To us, spa treatments are not an indulgence, but a necessity in life – albeit a more extravagant one. We are always on a lookout for the best spas, not just in Singapore but regionally, too. For the month of of October, we will be focusing on Spa and Wellness, letting you in to the better ones we have discovered lately here in Singapore and in Bali. Look out for our beginners’ guide on spa treatments to equip you with the basic knowledge and to prep first-timers with an overview of what to expect and look out for.

From the traditional Balinese massage, to a relaxing Swedish massage therapy, to deep tissue massage and Thai massage, there are different massage therapies to cater to everyone’s different needs. But spa is not just about massages – it encompasses extensive ranges of treatments that focus on and treat the entire body. In addition to massages, there are also facials, body wraps, and scrubs. A good spa treatment can not only help you relax from your hectic lifestyle, it can also rid the body of toxins, and to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.

We are really enthralled to share with you all that we have experienced from the various spa houses! And if you have any discoveries and/ or enquiries, drop us a mail!

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