Food Filosophia #1 by fivetwosix

Food Filosophia

Brad and I have been discussing for the longest time for me to pen a column on Ladyironchef but it has always been more of a question of what than when.

Lately as Ladyironchef continue to stretch its imagination and break limits of what it can achieve with this humble rented space, many of you have been asking Brad on instagram or twitter how did he get to do what he’s doing today. It is very glamorous in many ways but it is hard, hard work and an arduous journey. And obviously one we have both not looked back since.

The wisdom in that is also in how just because when you get “to the top”, you will discover there is really nothing but hopefully plenty of life lessons learnt through the art of entrepreneurship. This is why it hit me that the best column we can have on Lady Iron Chef is one that will share (food) entrepreneurial lessons.

I was invited to a food tasting session with Brad in 2009, where we both were in our early days starting out in carving out our own entrepreneurship journeys. Four years on today, we are both living our dreams in “same same but different” ways but in that it has certainly united us in business and in our bestfriendship.

One of my business mentors once taught me this: you don’t have to “reach the top” before you can help someone else get forward, all you need to have is to have gone one step ahead of them. This cannot be more wise now having lived it with Brad and with some my former poly students-turned-entrepreneurs today.

I’ve had just come off an amazing time mingling with entrepreneurial hawkers at the Singapore Street Food Festival weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I currently live. And I also had my childhood best friend visiting as she is based in Frankfurt for IE Singapore – a government ministry that serves to support local entrepreneurs entering global markets.

Then, I sat down with one of the world’s most successful “foodie” entrepreneur, Claus Meyer, at his Singapore-themed restaurant in Copenhagen — arguably the most famous Singaporean restaurant outside of the little island-state Singapore. I can’t wait to share all the wisdom I reeled in while we chatted over chicken rice.

It is most certainly true and well a weekend of entrepreneur-speak, and I love it. So ‘Food Filosophia’ will take you on what I have learnt being on Ladyironchef’s journey with Brad so far. We hope it will be fun, inspiring, meaningful and useful.

Remembering the words of Steve Jobs – “stay hungry, stay foolish”. True to what Brad’s founding philosophy of Ladyironchef is – his job is to make you hungry. Let us now in this space also make you hungry for your dreams, and to live them.

love, fivetwosix
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