Guide to Making Coffee Step by Step

How to make coffee

Stopped by the aroma of coffee but baffled by the various kinds of coffee beans? Captivated by the brew and foam art but never knew the studies behind coffee making? If you have always wanted to learn how to make coffee, let us show you how. We took a barista crash course with Ryan Kieran Tan from Strangers Reunion, and he shared with us some of his secrets and tips to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Here is a step by step guide on how to make coffee.

Remove Group Handle

1. Take out portafilter (group handle) from machine.

Purge Group Head

2. Purge machine’s grouphead.

Knock coffee puck

3. Knock out used coffee puck.

4. Stop the purge of the machine.

Clean group handle

5. Clean and dry portafilter.

Grind Coffee

6. Grind coffee into portafilter.

Distribute evenly

7. Distribute coffee evenly.

Tamp coffee

8. Tamp coffee in portafilter.

Wipe off stray coffee

9. Wipe off any stray coffee from the surface of portafilter.

10. Clean machine tray.

Start extraction

11. Lock portafilter into machine.

12. Start extraction (and pray everything goes smoothly).

Desired coffee flow

13. Place cup under portafilter spouts.

14. Pray for a good flow of coffee. If the flow is not achieved, repeat step 1 to 13 until you managed to get the desired flow.

15. Stop extraction at desired time (depending on the type of coffee).

Steam & Texture Milk

Additional steps:

16. If you are doing a milk-based coffee, the next step is to steam milk.

17. Purge the steam wand. Insert it into jar and texture milk.

18. Clean steam wand with wet cloth and purge again.

Do Latte art

19. Pour into coffee to achieve desired latte art. Enjoy the coffee!

Strangers Reunion Coffee

Thank you Ryan for helping us with this guide. If you are a coffee-lover, you must absolutely drop by Strangers Reunion and enjoy a cup of coffee. Strangers Reunion is located at 37 Kampong Bahru Road.