Editor’s Note May 2013

Latte Art

Few things could be more idyllic than sitting in a nice cafe, sipping on a cup of aromatic coffee, and reading your favourite book. The good news is, nowadays, there are plenty of places to get a cup of good coffee. The coffee trend in Singapore is picking up, with new indie cafes opening up every month.

In order to get a better picture, we must understand more about the first, second and third wave coffee movements. We had a quick chat with Ryan Kieran Tan – from Strangers Reunion, who is also Singapore National Barista Champion 2011, 2012 & 2013 – on this topic.

“The first wave of coffee took place when Italian migrants introduced espresso to the world, and the second was due to the rapid expansion of big coffee chains such as Starbucks and Peet’s that made coffee widespread. We are currently in the third wave of coffee where there is a movement to produce high-quality coffee. Coffee-speciality cafes are sourcing their beans from farms, and consumers are starting to appreciate and have a deeper understanding of what goes into a good cup of coffee.”

This month, we will be telling you where to find the best coffee joints in town. For those of you who always aspire to be a barista, we will be asking cafe owners to share some insights on how you can work towards your dream. Also, you can expect articles on things that you should know about coffee, and how to make coffee. Before we get started, you can read our Beginners Guide to Coffee.

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