Live Hydroactive with Filtrete™ Water Filtration Products

Filtrete Water Filtration System

What is one thing that we survive on everyday; yet take so little notice of? Water. It’s an integral part of our lives, yet most people in Singapore take it for granted.


As for me, a food blogger, clean water is exceptionally important to me. I’m always out and about; busy attending meetings, events and food tasting sessions. So I need lots of water to stay hydrated and constantly recharge to keep up with my busy schedule.

It has become a habit for me to always carry a bottle with me everywhere I go. Especially so when I travel overseas, as it can get quite expensive and inconvenient to get drinkable water on the go.


And if water is so important to you and I, why not get it more conveniently?

Water Pitcher

Today, I’m happy to share with you two new products – Filtrete™ water filtration products from 3M. With Filtrete™ water filters, getting pure, great tasting water for your active lifestyle is now easier than ever.

The Filtrete™ Water station filters water almost instantly, removing sediments and chlorine that give water a bad taste. The best thing is that it’s also environmentally friendly – something that can save you up to 3000 plastic bottles a year, if you regularly buy bottled water.

Besides the Water Station, there’s also a Filtrete™ Water Pitcher that’s designed to fit into the rack of your fridge perfectly.

The two Filtrete™ new products from 3M allow us to get pure water conveniently as you do not have to boil water. Most importantly, it is inexpensive as compared to bottled waters.

If you’re still thinking of what to get for your family and friends this Christmas, you should definitely consider the Filtrete™ Water Station or the Water Pitcher.

Everyone is busy with his or her own lives – be it with work, study, family or relationship – but it is essential to rest and recharge. I believe in the importance of having pure and clean water, and I am glad that with Filtrete™ water filtration products, I can get the hydration I need for my lifestyle.

Check out for more information on the products. Live hydroactive.