Putien Heng Hwa Restaurant Summer Menu

Putien Summer Menu

Words by Missim | Photography by ladyironchef

Specialising in Heng Hwa cuisine, Putien Restaurant has quickly expanded from its flagship restaurant at Kitchener road to a restaurant chain with 8 outlets in Singapore: Vivocity, Marina Square, Parkway Parade, Jurong Point, Tampines Mall, City Square Mall and nex.

Putien restaurant has recently launched a new Summer menu. The seasonal dishes are mostly light and refreshing ingredients to complement the warm and humid weather.

The first few dishes that came were little light starters to whet your appetite. The Organic Momotaro Tomato ($4.90) from their Summer Menu came in nice thick juicy slices. There was powdered sugar topping over it which I like! Anything that is coated with sugar is wonderful.

Pu Tien Heng Hwa Food

The Iced Bitter Gourd ($5.90), on the other hand, was not much to my liking. Don’t get me wrong. I love bitter gourds in fish slice bee hoons, fried with eggs and what not. But not serving it with a chock-full of ice and eating it cold. It reminded me of carbonated water. I can never get used to the weird mix of coldness and the slight bitterness. Even the honey (which you are supposed to dip the bitter gourd into) did not help at all.

Pretty though.

Pu Tien Sea Snails

My second favourite meal from the dinner! Snails, I absolutely loved sucking on the tiny little shells. I was even sucking on them after dessert was cleared! My only complaint for the Sauteed Sea Snails with Hua Diao Wine ($13.90) will be that the snails are awfully tiny. They look much bigger on the menu.

Putien Lor Mee

A few more dishes came and went but they did not leave a huge impression on me. And finally, the very famous Putien Lor Mee ($7.9/$15.9/$23.9). The first thing that strikes you is the very light coloured gravy. There was also an interesting mix of ingredients like prawns and clams. I took a tentative spoonful of mian and gravy. Man, it was yummy as hell. How yummy? I’m not too sure. I just remember clearing up my bowl and going for seconds and more and more till every last drop of gravy was slurped up completely.

Putien Restaurant serves reasonably good food at reasonable prices. With 8 branches in Singapore, it is a very convenient place for families to drop by for dinner.

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