Rise Buffet Restaurant Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Rise Restaurant Marina Bay Sands

Rise Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is an all day dining restaurant with an international buffet spread. Even though the Rise buffet prices are not cheap ($45++ for lunch, and $68++ for dinner), it has been extremely popular with buffet lovers.

The question on everybody’s mind: is this the best buffet in Singapore? Is it worth spending eighty bucks for a buffet dinner?

One thing to note first, Rise restaurant at Marina Bay Sands does not take phone reservations, so if you are going for the MBS buffet during a weekend, it will be wise to go earlier (buffet dinner starts at 6pm) to get a table, especially for big groups.

Dessert Buffet

Like what I did at Melt the World Cafe, and The Line Buffet, the first thing that I ate at Rise Restaurant was not appetisers or salad — I went for the desserts straight away. I love the feeling of exhilaration that you get from desserts – it helps to get my stomach going.

Why end the meal on a sweet note when I can start with a bang?

It was a case of hits and misses for the dessert buffet, with the Bread & Butter Pudding, Chocolate Cake, Mini Cream Puffs, and the Pineapple Anise receiving ‘As’, while the Madeleine and Matcha Financiers were a little too dry. The highlight of the dessert buffet was definitely the little squares of Lemon Meringue Tart – they tasted like love!

Rise Buffet MBS

Rise Buffet Restaurant has surprisingly good sweet and sour pork. I know it’s a little silly to stuff myself with sweet and sour pork when there’s more expensive items like beef, sashimi and oysters around, but hey, you must try their sweet and sour pork when you are there for the buffet.

Rise Buffet Restaurant

From the Asian Section of Rise MBS Buffet, the Roasted Duck was equally good. We particularly enjoyed the crispy skin with a layer of fats beneath, dipped with the sourish-sweet plum sauce — who cares about calories and fats?

There’s also Stir-fried beef Vietnamese style, prawns, deep-fried spring roll if you like your Chinese food. We sampled Indian Pulao rice, Achar, Yellow Dhal, Mango Chutney, and Chicken Masala from the Indian Buffet Section.

Asian Buffet Corner

There is a chef at the Asian corner to prepare laksa and soup noodle, and another chef at the Pasta Station to cook pasta ala minute. It’s probably not very wise to have so much carbs, so we shared the noodle items: the famous Singapore Laksa was pretty decent, and I also enjoyed the crab meat tomato spaghetti.

Cold Cut Buffet

The Cold Cut section of the MBS buffet was very impressive, they actually have a huge ham-cutting machine to slice it on the spot. Whoa! Iberico, anyone?

Western Buffet

Meat-lovers will love this corner at Rise Marina Bay Sands: pinkish-red beef rib eye, the ravishing rack of lamb, oh-so-tender oxtail and my favourite prime ribs. Allow me to have second, and third helpings of that delicious ribs.

Japanese Buffet

The Sushi & Sashimi counter is also extremely popular: all you can eat sashimi and sushi!

While I appreciated the fact that diners could actually grab as much sashimi as they want in one go, the nicely sliced sashimi left out in the open air was at the mercy of everyone (who might squeeze or cough). Maybe it’s a better idea to put the sashimi in the chiller and allow the chef to serve whenever someone wants the raw fish.

Seafood Buffet

At the Seafood Buffet Counter, there are many who took at least a dozen of oysters and piled them on the plate. Me? I choose three of the nicest ones, and a few mussels. There’s also cold crabs, but I was too lazy to dirty my hands that day.

By now, it’s almost the end of round 1 for the international buffet. Repeat everything: starting from the dessert (again).

Cheese Buffet Rise Restaurant

After a couple of rounds, it’s time to reflect: Oh god, what have I done?

This is what happens when you eat at a buffet: excellent roasted duck, fresh oysters, lots of sweet & sour pork, many slices of salmon sashimi, a meaty combination of oxtail, rib eye and prime ribs, spaghetti & laksa, and of course, serving (s) of dessert and cheese.

I think I am finally full.

Rise Buffet Marina Bay Sands

The Celebrity Chef restaurants at Marina Bay Sands have been making headlines in the Singapore food scene. But if you are not into fine dining restaurants, maybe you can check out Rise Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands.

The Buffet at Rise Marina Bay Sands has a good selection of food, but at $68++, the price isn’t cheap. If budget is an issue, go for the lunch buffet which is more affordable at $45++.

Dessert lovers will also be happy to know that there’s a new alternative to the Chocolate Buffet at Fullerton. With a stunning view on the 57th level of Marina Bay Sands, the MBS club offers Chocolate Buffet ($38++) every evening from 8pm onwards.

My favourite buffet in Singapore is still Melt the World Cafe because of the memories I had there, but Rise Restaurant is definitely worth a try for special occasions. Oh ya, remember to pick up some macarons from Sweetspot Patisserie before you leave.

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Rise Buffet Restaurant
10 Bayfront Avenue Tower 2,
Lobby Level Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore
Tel: +65 6688 5525

// Buffet at Rise Marina Bay Sands is available daily: $45++ for lunch, and $68++ for dinner.