Red Star Chinese Restaurant Dim Sum

Red Star Dim Sum Restaurant

When I was a kid, my parents used to bring me to Red Star Chinese Restaurant during the weekends for yum cha. It was the place where I had my first taste of dim sum, and I remember the huge crowd at the restaurant everytime we were there. A lot of things changed over the years, but Red Star Restaurant has remained the same throughout.

When I was much younger, I used to believe that Red Star Restaurant at Chin Swee road served the best dim sum in Singapore. But I wasn’t so convinced after I tried better ones elsewhere. It has been a long time since my last visit to Red Star Restaurant, and when my friend mentioned that she has not been there before, it’s finally time to make a revisit again.

Char Siew Sou

“Shall we get the Char Siew Sou?”

When the staff came to our side with the push-cart, I was having an internal struggle. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting great things from Red Star Restaurant’s Char Siew Sou since I had very good ones before.

The first bite of the Char Siew Sou took me completely by surprise. The pastry skin was flaky and it was filled with the sweet and hot char siew, making it unexpectedly delicious.

Egg Tart

The Egg tart is definitely the most popular dim sum on Red Star’s menu. We had to order and wait a good ten minutes for it. To be fair, it was baked fresh from the oven and the egg custard was soft, eggy and yummy. It was a shame that the pastry crust wasn’t the flaky type that I liked.

Chee Cheong Fun

We were very excited when the Chee Cheong Fun (rice rolls) push-cart came our way. Piping hot from the steamers, the smooth rice rolls were drizzled with a light sauce. Be it prawn or char siew fillings, chee cheong fun always make me so happy!

Red Star Chinese Restaurant

While having the Fried Prawn dumplings, I always find myself wishing that there’s more of the mayonnaise to go around. This is the perfect excuse for having mayonnaise without feeling guilty. Who cares about deep fried prawn dumplings? It’s all about the mayonnaise baby. On the other hand, we enjoyed the taro rolls which were crispy on the outside, and sticky on inside.

Roast meat platter

I felt that the platter of char siew and roasted pork wasn’t worth the try. It was somewhat cold, and while the roasted pork was pretty decent, ten bucks can get you another three baskets of dim sum.

Red Star Dim Sum

From top right clockwise: Crab meat dumpling, glutinous rice, century egg congee

Red Star Restaurant

The only reason I come to Red Star restaurant is because of the nostalgic atmosphere and the push-carts that serve dim sum. Other than that, the dim sum is pretty average, and prices are not exactly much cheaper than the good dim sum restaurants like Taste Paradise, or Yan Ting restaurant. Furthermore, the queue is really long if you come here for yum cha on a weekend.

Red Star Restaurant definitely does not have the best dim sum in Singapore, but if you have not been here before, then it’s definitely a must to experience the Red Star atmosphere at least once. Otherwise, you are probably better off elsewhere at the other dim sum places without queuing.

// Just in case you are wondering, Red Star restaurant does not serve dim sum buffet, the ala carte dim sum menu is available daily. Most of the dim sum items are priced between $3.6 – $4 per basket.

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