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Burger Bench & Bar

There was quite a stir in the Singapore food scene when Chef Willin Low of Wild Rocket and Relish Restaurant opened Burger Bench and Bar at Orchard Cineleisure.

Given that Relish Restaurant serves gourmet burger, it’s only natural that people are curious to see how Chef Willin Low’s latest offering fares among the other burger places in Singapore.

Burgers are always so irresistible.

I could almost imagine how the chef prepared the burger: giving the sesame-seed-freckles bun a toast; doing the beef patty to perfection, definitely not over-done, and not under-cooked; watching the layer of cheese melting slowly over the patty; deep-frying the golden crispy fries and throwing it together with the now-ready beef burger.

Burger Bench Singapore

After the waitress brought it to the table, I checked out the Cheese burger with mayonnaise & sundried tomato relish ($7.80) from top to toe. Taking a glance to the left and right, I grabbed the burger with both hands and took a bite. The sweet-sour sundried tomato relish hit first. Mm.. Ensuing mouthful bought the two halves of the bun, cheese, and beef patty.

Om Nom Nom Nom..

There’s no turning back now. I chomped down the rest of my burger, and the same process repeated itself: bun, sundried tomato relish, cheese, beef patty, bun.

The taste of the sundried tomato vaguely reminded me of the McDonald’s cheeseburger. The sweet and sour element gave the burger a third dimension, but the bun was slightly over-toasted for my liking.

All the items on Burger Bench & Bar’s menu are priced between $7-8 (burger only). You can add on a side of hand-cooked russet potato crisps or fries for a dollar, or an additional beef patty for four dollars. The burgers from Burger Bench & Bar are probably not the biggest in terms of size, nor the cheapest when compared with fastfood restaurants.

But they are actually pretty decent and a meal consisting of burger, fries and drinks will cost around $11. Once Upon A Milkshake is just around the corner, so there’s always room for desserts after having burgers for dinner.

// Burger Bench & Bar is included in my Guide to Restaurants in Orchard Singapore

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Burger Bench & Bar
8 Grange Road #01-02
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard Singapore
Tel: +65 6737 9947

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