Singapore Food Festival 2010

Singapore Food Festival 2010

The Singapore Food Festival is an annual event that’s organized to promote Singapore Best Food to the world. I remember the theme last year was ‘celebrating our unique food heritage the Peranakan way’.

When I received the email press release for Singapore Food Festival 2010, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the SFF is focusing on specialty dishes from the various Chinese dialect groups – the Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka, Hainanese, etc.

Are you ready to pig-out at the Singapore Food Festival 2010?

At the Singapore Food Festival Press Conference held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel recently, we were given a sneak preview of all the different Chinese dialect specialty dishes.

Gim Tim Group

Reason #1 why I can never be a journalist: I was too busy gobbling down all the food while the real journalists were scrambling to get exclusive interviews from the key personnel.

Oh what the heck, food comes first!

It’s evident that I was very lazy, and I didn’t manage to take much photos of the delectable offerings from the different dialects. Let me makeup for the lack of photos with words, so it’s time for you to use some imagination. I attacked the Hokkien cuisine kiosk by the Gim Tim group first. Attack is an understatement since I grabbed three Kong Bak Pau and wolfed it down immediately. The braised pork was so fatty, and tender and of course sinful. It was such an indulgence, and I half regretted my decisions afterward. But hey, who cares really?

Ye Lai Siang Catering

The Hainanese cuisine kiosk by Yeh Lai Xiang Catering was up next. Hainanese pork chop with sweet sauce, white steamed chicken with chicken rice balls – okay enough talking, lets pig-out!

Since the venue was held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, it was not surprising to see a food kiosk by the hotel’s Chinese restaurant Cherry Garden. Naturally, the center of attention went to their popular roast pork belly. It was easily one of the best roast pork that I’ve had before. Everyone queued up for this, and it was gone in a Jeffery! The other food bloggers, Camemberu, TheHungryCow and I simply camped directly beside the food kiosk. Needless to say, we had many helpings of the excellent roast pork. The sesame-ginger chicken offered by Mandarin Oriental was really good too!

There was also Chinatown’s Moi Lum Restaurant offering Cantonese favourites like crispy roast chicken, Hakka cuisine like the famous Abacus Seeds by Kew Gardens, and Teochew cuisine of braised duck by Chu Yi Kitchen.

Food is always the most exciting part at Media Press Conference!

Here’s the rest of the lineup for Singapore Food Festival 2010:

Clark Quay Food Street
Date: 16 July to 24 July
Time: 4pm to 11pm
Venue: Clarke Quay Read Bridge
Pricing: Payment via Singapore Food Festival Souvenir Card

Singapore Chinese Dialect Tingkat Cruise
Date: 16 July to 25 July
Time: 4pm to 10pm
Duration: 45 minutes per cruise
Venue: Merlion Park
Pricing: $35 (inclusive of a free tingkat and meal)

Singapore Chinese Dialect Street Snacks
Date: 16 July to 25 July
Time: 4pm to 11pm
Pricing: Free Admission
Clifford Square, Central’s River Promenade and Merlion Park

Singapore Chinese Dialect Heritage Feast
Date: 25 July 2010
Time: 5pm to 10pm
Venue: Clarke Quay Read Bridge
Pricing: $38 Adult, $22 for children (below age of 12)

* * *

Have a good feast at the Singapore Food Festival 2010!