Twelve days in Sydney (Part 3): Hunter Valley

The sparkling mascato had that bubbly taste on the first instance it touches the tongue, i’ll like to call it the happy wine. There’s always the saying that white goes well with seafood while you have red for your meat, but it really depends on your own preference – the wine you like is the best wine.

There was three wine boutiques that we went to in Hunter Valley; Wollombi wines, Mount View estate, and Savannah. Even though I have not been a big vineyard before, but I like the personal and homely vibe that the smaller boutique exudes.

A simple damper sandwich can actually taste so good when you are sitting on a bench that overlooks the whole vineyard, with a glass of wine in hand.

And as for myself, I tend to favor white over red because there’s a sharp aftertaste of the latter that is spicy and hits the palate, or maybe it’s like what they say: you always start off with white and as you mature and grow older, then will you slowly appreciate red wine.

Now I’m not going to pretend I’m a wine connoisseur and have a lot of knowledge on wine, on the contrary I know hardly anything about them. During the wine tasting, I enjoyed most of the whites, especially the late harvest ones; they have a fragrant smell and sweeter aftertaste. Desserts wine are particularly a big hit for me, I love the sweet and charming taste, and it will definitely be perfect to end a meal with dessert and wine.

Wollombi Wine
25 Charlton Street (off Wollombi road)
Wollombi 2325

Mount View estate
502 Mount View road
Mount view NSW 2325
Tel: (02) 4990 3307

Lot 211 Mount View road, Mount View
Tel: (02) 4990 6326