Social Media Breakfast: S2

Social Media Breakfast: Singapore 2

The Date: Sat 24th May 2008
The Time: 11am-2pm
The Place: Cafe Domus

After about 1 half months since SMB:S1, Daryl, Derrick, Sheylara, and me are proud to present to you, SMB: S2

SMB: S2 is held at Cafe Domus, a very cool cafe which operates only when the sun goes down, and party till late night. Luckily for us, SMB main organizer Daryl managed to get the owner of the place to open the place for us.

Cafe Domus is located at 124 Owen Road, the nearest Mrt Station is Farrer Park (NEL). The other shop houses along Owen Road is definitely not what you will expect a cafe like Domus will be located at, the area is more like a industrial area.

The event is supposed to start at 11am, Daryl, Sheylara, Derrick and me had agreed to meet at 1030am beforehand to make sure the place is all right, but being the kiasu me, i reached the place at 1015am, and its not even opened!

Anyway, the owner came after i waited for 5 mins, and i was the first one in to explore the awesome place, and managed to take some shots (benefits of early-bird), and have a quick chat with the owner before the others arrived.

From the outside, this is certainly not what i had imagined the place to be like. So imagine the suprise that i got when i stepped to the back of the cafe. Wow! is the word to describe.

It seems that we have been transported into a different world all together, from the bright pink wallpaper of the cafe front with its chandelier, welcome to the natural open-space garden!

The seats are logs in case you didn’t notice, and the small bamboo shoots provided cover from the blazing sun. Mosquito coils are prepared on hand, to prevent any “unpleasant” incidents.

I must admit the place is really quite an eye-opener for me, its unique Al fresco area will be even better during the night, with small candles lit up all over the place, can you imagine how it will be like?

I even climb up the stairs to the upper area where there’s this small area which can seat about 4-5. Great place if you want to spend some time with your love ones and friends.

The view from the top area. Blessed those bamboo shoots, they saved us from the sun!

The buffet spread for our “breakfast” or rather, brunch. It cost 10 bucks each, but luckily for us, our mystery sponser Caleb who had paid for our SMB:S1, once again kindly agreed to sponser us for this brunch.

Unfortunately, he was not feeling well and could not turn up for the event. Get well soon dude!

Fried rice

I heard from some that the fried rice was not bad, but the problem is there were too much rice, and you know people associate rice with carbo, thus there were a lot rice leftover. And we have price of rice rising!

Chicken Nugget

The chicken nugget was a hot favorite item judging from the speed it was finished.

Youtiao Salad

The Youtiao or fried dough, was also another dish which finished off quite fast. Dip into the salad sauce, makes good for a quick bite.

Yum Cake

The yum cake was all right i guess. not everybody likes yum so there were some leftovers.


I find the sandwiches to be a bit on the salty side, maybe because of the cheese.

Fruit Salad

The fruit salad was good in the hot sun, helped to quench our thirst. As there were no drinks catered, most of us had to buy-your-own from the cafe, thus its good biz and long queue for the drinks.

There were refreshing drinks like honey-lemon ($4.50), soft drinks ($3.50), lattes, martinis, vodkas, and other alcoholic drinks available.

The folks mingling at the al fresco area.

Another group at the far end

Say cheeze! Everyone were happily chatting away making new friends

Those at the front of the cafe, enjoying the nice air-con.

We did a rough count, there were about 40-50 people who turned up for the event. Maybe there’s more, because some left early, and some came late so we didn’t quite get the exact number.

Nevertheless, i think that its a great turnout since the place isn’t even that accessible compared to our first one at SMU Frujch.

The Social Media Breakfast picked up from where its left at SMB:S1, we have many of the old comers from last time, and definitely a lot of new bloods and fresh faces attended this one. This is what all the event is about, you don’t need to be good or knowledgeable about Social Media (i’m don’t know much about it!). Just attend the event with an open heart, take the opportunity to know more friends, different people who all come from different background, different lifes, but with a common passion, to know new friends!

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See you all at SMB: S3!

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