5 Healthy Eateries in Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD) – Choose Your Calories Wisely!

The Green Bar

New year; new resolutions. It’s time to get into the groove of eating clean (especially after all that Christmas and New Year’s indulging). So for those in the Central Business District, we’ve gathered serious intel on five gourmet joints that offer healthy eats - that not only include salads, but also carbs and meats – to please the body and the palate.


Executed with painstaking attention paid to taste and quality—house-made dressings consist up to 13 ingredients—there’s no doubt that salads at The Green Bar are one of the best by far. Mouthwateringly delicious is Absolutely Wicked Strawberry (S$12.90)—a crispy bed of mesclun mixed into roasted chicken and prunes coated in a smooth and velvety chocolate glaze, followed by pops of sweetness from strawberries soaked in balsamic reduction, garnished with almond flakes and Danish blue cheese that only assist in upping the enjoyment factor.

A lighter, more refreshing option, the summer duck salad (S$13.90) boasts tart and tangy flavors with perfectly smoked duck, mango, roasted potatoes, red bell peppers, beetroot, clementines and cashew nuts nestled on a bed of watercress and mixed greens that gets a boost from tangy citron vinaigrette—to which we give an approving nod to.

Needless to say, the space fills up pretty fast—what with its healthy, yet luxuriously appetizing salads—so come early. Experience shows most people do.

16 Collyer Quay
#01-16/17 Hitachi Towers
Tel: +65 9855 4290
Mon to Fri: 8am to 89pm
Nearest Station: Raffles Place

Munch Saladsmith


Smacked right in the heart of the CBD at One Raffles Place is Munch. Not just another salad bar (read: only vegetables), Munch Saladsmith & Rotisserie offers deliciously healthy meat options such as poached salmon (S$11.90 with a salad), and juicy and tender free-range chicken roast (S$8.90 with a salad) that simply screams from the display with its brazenly bronzed skin.

On the salad bar are a variety of carbs and greens like tricolor pasta tossed in house-made basil pesto, wild shrooms sautéed in herbs, and cold soba noodles with corn niblets and shaved red carrot, mixed in sesame dressing. Salads start from S$7.90 for two, S$9.90 for three, and S$11.90 for four. Top up a dollar to wash it down with an iced house-brewed tea.

#B1-16 One Raffles Place
Tel: +65 6438 1456
Mon to Sun: 8am to 9:30pm
Nearest Station: Raffles Place

Platypus Test Kitchen


There’s carbs, and then there’s carbs—the latter offering calories actually worth consuming. What we appreciate about Platypus Test Kitchen is their commitment to delivering quality handmade pastas using choice ingredients by organic purveyors at—get this—prices that won’t burn a hole in the wallet. Its signature spicy diablo crab and prawns (S$18.90) feature a good balance of flavors—sweet prawns and firm and chunky crab claw meat tossed together with thick strands of egg tagliolini pasta in a pleasingly spicy egg sauce, finished with fragrant garlic oil and topped with generous chunks of crab meat and whole prawns.

The Chef follows up with squid ink and scallops (S$16.90) of handmade tagliolini noodle coated in a piquant and zesty garlic and lemon sauce served with seared bay scallops—absolutely addictive without being a teeth-staining affair. Food here also churns out fast—perfect for a quick lunch before zipping back to the office.

24 Raffles Place
#02-02 Clifford Centre
Tel: +65 8112 1194
Mon to Fri: 11am to 4pm
Nearest Station: Raffles Place



If you’re gonna eat clean, make it green. SaladStop’s range of Japanese-inspired wraps are our choice picks. Refreshingly fruity with a kick of wasabi, the Tuna San wrap (S$12.50) features a green romaine salad with creamy avocado, sweet cherry tomatoes and mandarin orange crowned with thick slices of seared tuna—edges lined with ground black pepper, beautifully tossed in an appetizing wasabi soy dressing, its glorying moment fulfilled by crunchy sesame seeds and edamame that pack a punch.

An unexpected winner is found in the Go Geisha wrap (S$9.50). If the thought of cabbage, tofu, carrots, cucumber, snow peas and soba noodles make you grimace, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this healthy creation that yields an addictively tasty sweet-salty miso vinaigrette (with a hint of ginger), showered with chockfull of veggies—great for an antioxidant boost. Wraps here are prepared quickly as well, so here’s a great option if you’re on the go.

#B2-78, 8A Marina Boulevard
Tel: +65 6820 0141
Mon to Fri: 8am to 8:30pm
Nearest Station: Raffles Place



Singapore’s first breakfast and fresh yogurt bar, Whole&Hearty is an open concept offering a wholesome range of takeaway breakfast options in addition to its signature heirloom yogurt bar.

Made from a variety of heirloom cultures and base milks—vegan soy, the creamier Bulgarian option, or even Scandinavian-style Viili yoghurt—these house-made yogurts are made fresh daily, complemented with local made granola from The Edible Company and nut butters by Hunter’s Kitchenette—we’re loving their macadamia, and hazelnut butters.

Charged by the bowl (S$4.50 for small; S$6.80 for medium; S$8.50 for large), regular items on the breakfast table include cold organic oats steeped in milk, baked whole apples, fresh seasonal fruit, as well as an array of seeds and nuts such as almond, pistachio, walnut, chia seeds, flax seeds and the like. Not completely “healthy” but too good to ignore is the cereal milk made with the original Momofuku Milk Bar cereal milk mix from New York City. A cheat day every once in a while is forgivable.

#01-84, 12 Gopeng Street
Tel: +65 9855 4290
Mon to Fri: 8am to 2:30pm; 12pm to 8pm
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar

About the writer
Mandy Lynn is a former I-S Magazine writer and current columnist at Nookmag; her dining and nightlife features are published in Men’s Folio, Singapore Tatler Dining and The Drinks Business, amongst others. For bite-sized food recommendations, follow her on Instagram and Facebook, or join her Gourmet Adventures to keep up with the latest dining and nightlife news.

Super Star K Korean BBQ Restaurant Singapore

Super Star K

Talk about the hottest Korean BBQ restaurants in Singapore, and we all think of Super Star K at Tanjong Pagar. The outlet specialises in using charcoal grill for its Korean BBQ, and the authentic dining experience explains its popularity among Singaporeans and tourists alike. Perpetually packed and crowded, dinner might have to come with a little wait, but we will tell you it is going to be worth the while.


Restore Living Vintage Furniture Shop & Cafe Singapore

Restore Cafe

Updated on 6 Oct 2014: Restore Living is no longer in operation. 

Restore Living is a vintage furniture shop and cafe which is tucked in a shop house along Tanjong Pagar Road. Freshly baked bagels, homemade waffles in a nice and quint cafe surrounded by vintage furniture – it is the formula for a perfect afternoon. All the vintage furniture in the shop is available for sale. If you are looking for a new addition for your place, you can choose your favourite piece and bring it home.


SPRMRKT Cafe Singapore


SPRMRKT prides itself on redefining your local supermarket experience. It is a space where food, retail and art mingle together. You can enjoy a cosy meal at the bistro while shopping for daily necessities and random gifts.

The food is simple and unpretentious. There are two menus at SPRMRKT. The all-day breakfast menu dishes out the usual favourites such as Eggs Benedict ($14) and Breakfast Croissant ($7) everyday. The ala carte menu, on the other hand, changes daily and it offers a selection of salads, soup, and mains. Most of the items are priced reasonably below $20. For those who are working in the central business district, SPRMRKT is a nice place to grab a quick lunch.

2 McCallum Street
Tel: +65 6221 2105
Mon to Fri: 8am – 9pm
Sat: 9am – 4pm

Preparazzi Bar Gourmet Modern Singapore Cuisine

Preparazzi Bar Gourmet

Note: Preparazzi has closed.

Words by Alexa Michelle, photographs by ladyironchef

Ever wondered how it’s like to have Asian food in your taste buds while dining in a western ambience? That would be my closest description to how I felt when at Preparazzi Bar Gourmet.

Located in the midst of the Central Business District area along Boon Tat Street, Preparazzi Bar Gourmet is a relatively new restaurant which specialises in serving modern Singapore cuisine – western dishes with a local twist.


The Pigeonhole at Duxton Road Singapore

The Pigeonhole

Words by Jolin Ma, photographs by ladyironchef

The Pigeonhole is tucked away from the bustling city, perfect for people like me who love some serenity in life. This little cafe is located, in my humble opinion, in the best area to hang out – Tanjong Pagar. Drop by someday, any day and for the matter everyday to get pampered with an array of cafes and restaurants located along winding streets power packed with culture and goodness!

A book cafe & dynamic arts space promoting local NGOs, music, film, performance & art – The Pigeonhole brings in uncommon beers from around the world. Besides that, they also offer pure simple coffee and tea to please the hearts and stomach of everyone.


Club Street Social

Club Street Social

There are many restaurants serving brunch, but most of them are only mediocre. Club Street Social – located at Gemmil Lane, a quiet corner off Club Street where you can also find Luke’s Oyster Bar – is definitely not one of them. I am not afraid to say that it is one of the best, if not the best brunch place in town. Trust me, that is no small praise.

Since going there, I’ve been recommending it to all my friends. If this is your first time hearing  about it, I’d suggest going there soon before they get too popular.


Nylon Coffee Roasters Everton Park

Nylon Coffee

How many people can say that they are happy at what they are doing? Not many. But I am quite sure the folks at Nylon Coffee Roasters can do that, as they are truly passionate about their coffee.

They have taken over a small shophouse and created a lovely coffee paradise in the sleepy Everton Park Estate. Who would have thought that cafes could survive in a heartland residential area?

They roast their own beans, they talk about coffee as if reciting poetry, and they serve your cuppa with lots of love. One of the best coffees in Singapore? Yes, I think so.


Keystone Restaurant

Keystone restaurant

It’s always nice to visit new restaurants run by young and talented chefs who are truly passionate about their food.

I first learned about Keystone Restaurant at Stanley Street a few months ago through my journalist friends. They told me about the excellent work Chef Mark Richards is doing at the restaurant, and it is one of the few places that use sous-vide cooking for most of the dishes on the menu.

I went there a while back, and ever since my visit, I’ve been recommending it to my friends. I’ll cut to the chase. If you like hearty meals with big portions, Keystone Restaurant is probably not suitable for you. But if you enjoy dining in a classy restaurant that serves refined and sophisticated food, this is the place to go.


Otto Ristorante Red Dot Traffic Building

Otto Ristorante

Words by Jolene Koh of Cupcake Weekend, Photos by ladyironchef

When I say I’m not a huge fan of Italian food it’s not because I don’t like the cuisine per se, but more so the feeling you get after having an overly hearty pasta meal where you’d go “that’s it I’m having Chinese for the next few weeks”.

Thankfully, I think I’ve found the perfect place for when I’m craving Italian without having to go through that unpleasant aftermath in my gut.

Helmed by Chef Michele Pavanello and housed at the corner of the Red Dot Traffic Building sits OTTO Ristorante. This classy, unpretentious establishment serves amazing Italian fare with a new-age influence. It’s a great place to have a business lunch, bond with the family over a good meal or even for a romantic night out.


Platypus Test Kitchen Raffles Place Lunch

Platypus Test Kitchen

Platypus Test Kitchen at Clifford Centre is a very interesting place. They have an unique name, and it is kind of difficult to define the place.

What exactly is a test kitchen? Is it like a lab where the chefs experiment with different ingredients to come up with the best pasta in Singapore? Or is it just a name to catch the attention of customers? Knowing absolutely nothing about the place, my friend brought me to the restaurant at Raffles Place to try out their food.


Kko Kko Nara Korean Fried Chicken Singapore

Kko Kko Nara Korean Restaurant

I love KFC! I’m referring to Korean Fried Chicken, not Kentucy Fried Chicken (even though I will find it hard to say no to that too).

Kko Kko Nara Korean Restaurant on Tras Street (Tanjong Pagar) is a mom-and-pop chicken place that has been around for a while. They are famous for their Korean Fried Chicken, and the best part is they operate till late night 4am. For those of you who are always on the lookout for new supper place in Singapore — how about some Korean Fried Chicken and soju?


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