5 Healthy Eateries in Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD) – Choose Your Calories Wisely!

The Green Bar

New year; new resolutions. It’s time to get into the groove of eating clean (especially after all that Christmas and New Year’s indulging). So for those in the Central Business District, we’ve gathered serious intel on five gourmet joints that offer healthy eats - that not only include salads, but also carbs and meats – to please the body and the palate.


Executed with painstaking attention paid to taste and quality—house-made dressings consist up to 13 ingredients—there’s no doubt that salads at The Green Bar are one of the best by far. Mouthwateringly delicious is Absolutely Wicked Strawberry (S$12.90)—a crispy bed of mesclun mixed into roasted chicken and prunes coated in a smooth and velvety chocolate glaze, followed by pops of sweetness from strawberries soaked in balsamic reduction, garnished with almond flakes and Danish blue cheese that only assist in upping the enjoyment factor.

A lighter, more refreshing option, the summer duck salad (S$13.90) boasts tart and tangy flavors with perfectly smoked duck, mango, roasted potatoes, red bell peppers, beetroot, clementines and cashew nuts nestled on a bed of watercress and mixed greens that gets a boost from tangy citron vinaigrette—to which we give an approving nod to.

Needless to say, the space fills up pretty fast—what with its healthy, yet luxuriously appetizing salads—so come early. Experience shows most people do.

16 Collyer Quay
#01-16/17 Hitachi Towers
Tel: +65 9855 4290
Mon to Fri: 8am to 89pm
Nearest Station: Raffles Place

Munch Saladsmith


Smacked right in the heart of the CBD at One Raffles Place is Munch. Not just another salad bar (read: only vegetables), Munch Saladsmith & Rotisserie offers deliciously healthy meat options such as poached salmon (S$11.90 with a salad), and juicy and tender free-range chicken roast (S$8.90 with a salad) that simply screams from the display with its brazenly bronzed skin.

On the salad bar are a variety of carbs and greens like tricolor pasta tossed in house-made basil pesto, wild shrooms sautéed in herbs, and cold soba noodles with corn niblets and shaved red carrot, mixed in sesame dressing. Salads start from S$7.90 for two, S$9.90 for three, and S$11.90 for four. Top up a dollar to wash it down with an iced house-brewed tea.

#B1-16 One Raffles Place
Tel: +65 6438 1456
Mon to Sun: 8am to 9:30pm
Nearest Station: Raffles Place

Platypus Test Kitchen


There’s carbs, and then there’s carbs—the latter offering calories actually worth consuming. What we appreciate about Platypus Test Kitchen is their commitment to delivering quality handmade pastas using choice ingredients by organic purveyors at—get this—prices that won’t burn a hole in the wallet. Its signature spicy diablo crab and prawns (S$18.90) feature a good balance of flavors—sweet prawns and firm and chunky crab claw meat tossed together with thick strands of egg tagliolini pasta in a pleasingly spicy egg sauce, finished with fragrant garlic oil and topped with generous chunks of crab meat and whole prawns.

The Chef follows up with squid ink and scallops (S$16.90) of handmade tagliolini noodle coated in a piquant and zesty garlic and lemon sauce served with seared bay scallops—absolutely addictive without being a teeth-staining affair. Food here also churns out fast—perfect for a quick lunch before zipping back to the office.

24 Raffles Place
#02-02 Clifford Centre
Tel: +65 8112 1194
Mon to Fri: 11am to 4pm
Nearest Station: Raffles Place



If you’re gonna eat clean, make it green. SaladStop’s range of Japanese-inspired wraps are our choice picks. Refreshingly fruity with a kick of wasabi, the Tuna San wrap (S$12.50) features a green romaine salad with creamy avocado, sweet cherry tomatoes and mandarin orange crowned with thick slices of seared tuna—edges lined with ground black pepper, beautifully tossed in an appetizing wasabi soy dressing, its glorying moment fulfilled by crunchy sesame seeds and edamame that pack a punch.

An unexpected winner is found in the Go Geisha wrap (S$9.50). If the thought of cabbage, tofu, carrots, cucumber, snow peas and soba noodles make you grimace, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this healthy creation that yields an addictively tasty sweet-salty miso vinaigrette (with a hint of ginger), showered with chockfull of veggies—great for an antioxidant boost. Wraps here are prepared quickly as well, so here’s a great option if you’re on the go.

#B2-78, 8A Marina Boulevard
Tel: +65 6820 0141
Mon to Fri: 8am to 8:30pm
Nearest Station: Raffles Place



Singapore’s first breakfast and fresh yogurt bar, Whole&Hearty is an open concept offering a wholesome range of takeaway breakfast options in addition to its signature heirloom yogurt bar.

Made from a variety of heirloom cultures and base milks—vegan soy, the creamier Bulgarian option, or even Scandinavian-style Viili yoghurt—these house-made yogurts are made fresh daily, complemented with local made granola from The Edible Company and nut butters by Hunter’s Kitchenette—we’re loving their macadamia, and hazelnut butters.

Charged by the bowl (S$4.50 for small; S$6.80 for medium; S$8.50 for large), regular items on the breakfast table include cold organic oats steeped in milk, baked whole apples, fresh seasonal fruit, as well as an array of seeds and nuts such as almond, pistachio, walnut, chia seeds, flax seeds and the like. Not completely “healthy” but too good to ignore is the cereal milk made with the original Momofuku Milk Bar cereal milk mix from New York City. A cheat day every once in a while is forgivable.

#01-84, 12 Gopeng Street
Tel: +65 9855 4290
Mon to Fri: 8am to 2:30pm; 12pm to 8pm
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar

About the writer
Mandy Lynn is a former I-S Magazine writer and current columnist at Nookmag; her dining and nightlife features are published in Men’s Folio, Singapore Tatler Dining and The Drinks Business, amongst others. For bite-sized food recommendations, follow her on Instagram and Facebook, or join her Gourmet Adventures to keep up with the latest dining and nightlife news.

12 Dishes That We Love from Cook & Brew’s New Menus

Cook & Brew New Menu

There are restaurants that we return to because we love the ambiance, there are those that we return to because the prices are friendly, then there are also those that hold a special place in our hearts simply because the team of chefs and waitstaff are like friends to us.

Cook & Brew at The Westin Singapore is one of those places, and it is not your typical restaurant. It is a gastrobar, sitting high on the 33rd level and with a glimpse of the city from above, with an exuberant team who are ever passionate about their food and beers, and a comprehensive menu that covers your bar snacks, mains, desserts and all the beers that you can ever dream of.

Cook & Brew Gastrobar

A recent change of menu had us revisiting the gastrobar, and Chef Aaron has a lot to impress, indeed. On a side note, his humble personality and comical expressions make it so easy to like him. Hailing from Canada, this man is famed for making his own sausages and meatballs, and man, do we need those with our beers!

But of course, Cook & Brew’s new menu is so fascinating that you might just need more trips back to try everything. Here are some highlights from its revamp, and 12 star dishes that you definitely must try from Cook & Brew’s new menus:


Cook & Brew Gastrobar The Westin Singapore

Cook & Brew

Beer? Checked. Meats and sausages? Checked. Pasta and local delights? Checked. Wines of The World? Checked.

That is Cook & Brew at The Westin Singapore for you. The comforting gastrobar is a star addition to our local dining scene, one that has earned our loyalty with its extensive menu and addictive relaxing vibe. The cosy interior furnished with oak browns and wood elements is very much like a typical German living room where you can enjoy your comfort food and chill out with friends and families. Over good beers too, of course. There is a whopping 104 beers from 18 countries to choose from!

Cook & Brew westin Singapore

Unpretentious. Fuss-free. Chic. Sexy.

We love the huge space so much, though not as much as the chef who has recently put together a spanking new menu that leaves us mind-boggled and spoilt for choice so completely. And how can we not shout about the unobstructed view of the Marina, again?

Cook & Brew at The Westin Singapore www.facebook.com/thewestinsingapore opens for the whole day, making it the perfect location for all occasions. Drop by during your lunch hour for a casual and relaxing meal, or pop by in the middle of afternoon to grab a beer and some light snacks. In the evening, it is a lovely place to have some pre-dinner drinks with your colleagues or friends before treating yourself to a well-deserved dinner.

Here, we share with you our picks from Cook & Brew’s current repertoire, and please do not leave without trying the German Platter. Yes, we mean it.


Seasonal Tastes The Westin Singapore

Seasonal Tastes

After taking a hiatus from Singapore’s hotel scene for a few years, The Westin has returned and this time round, sparkles amid the fanfare. Perched on a high ground and occupying levels 32 to 46 of Asia Square Tower Two at Marina View, The Westin Singapore is highly grand – literally. Besides the Westin Heavenly Bed, a stunning infinity pool, the Westin Workout fitness studio, and a luxe hotel decor, what we are really excited about is Seasonal Tastes – The Westin Singapore’s signature restaurant with interactive kitchens and featuring an impressive buffet line up that have already rocketed to our list of top favourites.

We love Seasonal Tastes’ buffet (S$42++/pax for buffet lunch, S$62++/pax for buffet dinner) for many reasons. Besides selling you the view of the Marina and how each and every chef is dedicated to whipping up their bests and delivering only the finest selections daily, we are truly excited to share about how this new addition is fast becoming a destination for the people of Singapore when they want to recharge their souls with good food.

Seasonal Tastes Buffet

For one, it is a top quality five-star buffet sans the exorbitant price tag, and everything that we sampled was cooked to high standards. Being located on level 32 of The Westin Singapore, Seasonal Tastes boasts a splendidly unobstructed view of Marina Bay and the south coast of Singapore. And because the location is very convenient, executives in the vicinity can now claim this spot as your favourite hangout; count on Seasonal Tastes whenever you crave a timeout from work. And if you are planning a family gathering on the weekends, parking is easy and affordable (S$3/entry).

Here are some of the highlights of Seasonal Tastes’ buffet.


Jewel Coffee One Shenton Way Singapore

Jewel Coffee

Jewel Coffee at 1 Shenton Way has quickly become one of the more popular coffee boutiques in the Central Business District (CBD). If you love coffee, and work in the area, there’s no reason not to visit the cafe. It is quite the ideal location to meet your clients or stop by for a coffee break.

Jewel Coffee
1 Shenton Way #01-07
Tel: +65 6636 9452
Mon to Fri: 7am – 9pm
Sat: 8am – 5pm

Hinoki Restaurant China Square Central

Hinoki Sushi

It’s always nice to randomly walk into a new restaurant, order without doing any prior research, and leave as a happy customer. And we did just that at Hinoki Japanese Restaurant at China Square Central.

After our meeting at Raffles Place, Velda, Beatrice and I were initially going for Ramen at Biefu restaurant, but in the end we decided to be adventurous and try out a new place. We walked around in the area, and chanced upon Hinoki Japanese Restaurant.

It is a small space with bar seats and tables, and we like that it is very cosy. The food at Honoki Restaurant is not cheap, but for the quality, it is worth the price.


Platypus Test Kitchen Raffles Place Lunch

Platypus Test Kitchen

Platypus Test Kitchen at Clifford Centre is a very interesting place. They have an unique name, and it is kind of difficult to define the place.

What exactly is a test kitchen? Is it like a lab where the chefs experiment with different ingredients to come up with the best pasta in Singapore? Or is it just a name to catch the attention of customers? Knowing absolutely nothing about the place, my friend brought me to the restaurant at Raffles Place to try out their food.


Lai Heng char kway teow: Go during the weekends!

Right, sometimes there are so many stalls within a food centre that you don’t know which to order from. So being Singaporeans what do we do? We look at the Q, if that particular stall has long queue, we follow. The herd, or “kiasu” mentality. On my previous visit to Lau Pa Sat, it was during a weekday lunch crowd period, so the queue was ‘super’ long. I didn’t order it back then, since i wasn’t really craving for char kway teow that time.


Hotshots: The lamburghini for the driven few

Lamburghini ($8)

Meet lamburghini. She’s the new kid on the block. Replaced the ‘O’ with a ‘U’, this is one immense Aries babe. With her 2/3 pound framework, grilling her up on the hot-engine, the lamb patty was good to go! Gel with creamy mint sauce, lettuce, and onions, on a soft warm bun. The mint sauce was a fine addition, and not to mention the patty was ginormous, creating a “shiok” sensation that the ordinary didn’t possess. For the driven few!


Hock Lam Beef: 97th Anniversary and continue going

With more and more of our heritage hawkers getting in their ages, it is difficult for them to continue whip out the delicious food that they have been doing everyday for so many years. And being a hawker isn’t a glamorous job, compared to being a banker, lawyer, teacher or other professionals. Therefore, most of the heritage hawkers don’t any successor, and we risk losing out all the good food, which our future younger generations will not live to eat.


Mr Bean: Life’s simple pleasures

Life’s simple pleasures. I liked Mr bean’s tagline, it’s easy enough, and i thought it conveyed the message quite well. I never really noticed it before since i didn’t try them. Have you felt the beauty of a smile, the warmth of a touch or the bliss of simply watching the world go by, the goodness of Mr bean soya milk’s a life simple pleasure.


Village Wok Restaurant: Playing with sauces

What determine whether a dish is good? There are several factors, the freshness of the ingredients itself, the skill of the chef, and of course the sauces that are used in cooking the food. Sauces are vital to the overall taste of the dish, in simple terms, they helped to “colour up” and enhanced the food.

What will you say if chili crabs are served without the thick and spicy gravy sauce, or how about your burger without any mayo sauce? These are some simple examples, but i’m sure you got the idea. Village Wok Restaurant is a showroom for The Village Wok sauce room. Their core business is actually being a sauce distributor, and the restaurant itself is the place for their customers to sample the sauces.