Lai Heng char kway teow: Go during the weekends!

Right, sometimes there are so many stalls within a food centre that you don’t know which to order from. So being Singaporeans what do we do? We look at the Q, if that particular stall has long queue, we follow. The herd, or “kiasu” mentality. On my previous visit to Lau Pa Sat, it was during a weekday lunch crowd period, so the queue was ‘super’ long. I didn’t order it back then, since i wasn’t really craving for char kway teow that time.


Hotshots: The lamburghini for the driven few

Lamburghini ($8)

Meet lamburghini. She’s the new kid on the block. Replaced the ‘O’ with a ‘U’, this is one immense Aries babe. With her 2/3 pound framework, grilling her up on the hot-engine, the lamb patty was good to go! Gel with creamy mint sauce, lettuce, and onions, on a soft warm bun. The mint sauce was a fine addition, and not to mention the patty was ginormous, creating a “shiok” sensation that the ordinary didn’t possess. For the driven few!