Singapore’s 4 Long Weekends In 2018 And How You Can Make The Most Out Of It

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With growing consumer demands and airlines offering competitive pricing for airplane tickets, it is not surprising that Singaporeans are jetting off for a short holiday every now and then.

Long weekends are the best for short trips to a neighbouring country and it is never too early to start planning! The release of 2018′s long weekends by the Ministry of Manpower had most Singaporeans groaning in dismay that there will only be four official long weekends next year.

In this guide, we share with you the best places to go during the four official long weekends in Singapore and how you can plan your off days to extend the number of long weekends in 2018. READ ON

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice – One Of The Best Chicken Rice Shops In Malacca

Hoe Kee

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice is a popular destination for Malacca’s iconic chicken rice balls. Having been around since 1962, the chicken rice shop has been dishing out scrumptious chicken and other side dishes to their regular customers.

It is advisable to reach early or be prepared to wait in line for your turn. Hoe Kee Chicken Rice opens early in the morning and closes just before evening time or when ingredients run out.

If you are around Jonker Street, drop by Hoe Kee Chicken Rice for a delightful lunch. READ ON

The Daily Fix – Charming Vintage Cafe At Jonker Street, Malacca

The Daily Fix

One of the most popular cafes in Malacca, The Daily Fix welcomes many visitors on a daily basis. There are a few factors we can think of that attributed to the cafe’s overwhelming success—its location and charming vintage interior.

The Daily Fix is hidden behind a souvenir store at Jonker Street. The only way you will notice any signs of the cafe is if you look out for a sign displayed outside. Mysterious vibes? Checked.

Serving a menu featuring fusion mains and desserts, this is one cafe you cannot skip when in Malacca city. READ ON

Su Superstar – Korean Eatery At *SCAPE With 12 Varieties Of Ramyeon Below S$10

Su Superstar Scape

Su Superstar Korean Cuisine is a casual Korean eatery in *SCAPE that is popular among students and youngsters who hang around the area.

With 12 varieties of Korean ramyeon that are priced below S$10, it is no wonder why the Korean eatery is mostly packed during lunch and dinner hours. If you are looking for a quick Korean fix without burning a hole in your pocket, give Su Superstar Korean Cuisine a try. READ ON

8 Best Day Trips From Taichung You Will Regret Not Visiting

Taichung Day Trips

Although it is the third largest city in Taiwan, Taichung is more often than not overshadowed by bustling Taipei and many travellers tend to have this misconception that there is nothing much to do in Taichung.

Taichung is a gateway to many hidden gems and nature attractions which are perfect for day trips. And yes, you will find out that there is more to Taiwan than night markets and cheap shopping.

Here are 8 Best Day Trips From Taichung You Must Visit.

7 Fun Things To Do At Malacca’s Jonker Street

Jonker Street

A trip to Malacca is not considered complete unless you have been to Jonker Street. It is a place where you will find a mixture of holidaymakers learning more about the culture of old Malacca and locals going about their everyday lives.

Weekends are when Jonker Street is most lively and you get to join in the bustling night market. Those who are not a fan of crowds can consider heading there during weekdays when the streets are quieter.

For those who are planning to visit Malacca, here are 7 Fun Things To Do At Jonker Street. READ ON

The Majestic Malacca – You Must Stay In This Iconic Colonial Hotel In Malacca

The Majestic Malacca

For many Singaporeans, Malacca is a delightful place to go to for a short weekend getaway as the drive to the city is but a couple of hours. As part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, Malacca is also dubbed as the ‘Historical State’ due to its rich history as a colonised city under the Portuguese, Dutch and British rule.

Having an accommodation that completes the entire experience is important for us when we travel too! The Majestic Malacca takes you all the way back to the 1920s when it used to be a private mansion.

What you see today is a modern, luxurious hotel that has retained many of its age-old traditions reflected in the wooden furnishings, intricate floor tiles and vintage porcelain vases. READ ON

The Huskitory – This Husky Cafe In Malacca Has More Than 20 Huskies

The Huskitory Malacca City

Visiting Bangkok’s True Love Cafe must be on most animal lovers’ must-visit list but not everyone has the luxury of time to travel somewhere far. If you only have the weekends to spare, we have found a great place in Malacca where you can cuddle up with furry huskies.

Located along Jalan Taman Asean, The Huskitory is about 15 minutes drive away from the city center. The cafe-cum-pet shop is home to more than 20 huskies so expect only chaos from a bunch of extremely excited dogs.

Visiting the Huskitory is indeed a dream come true for all dog lovers! READ ON

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