Salted Egg Shiok! – Your Guide To The Best Salted Egg Dishes in Singapore

Salted Egg 2

Behold, salted egg—the holy grail ingredient used in many dishes here in Singapore. Over the past few years, salted egg has blown up in the local food scene and many restaurants, cafes, and eateries have put out insanely creative dishes using salted egg; and we love it! It is hard to resist anything salted egg, really.

From seafood dishes such as salted egg crab and salted egg prawns, to even salted egg burgers and pasta, we see this ingredient used in so many different cuisine types—both in Asian to Western cuisine.

Come forth and join us in celebrating the love of salted egg at, a special website designed as an aggregator for all the best salted egg dishes on our island! Tag your favourite dishes with #saltedeggshiok on Instagram and stand to win prizes that include a FREE trip to Japan!

Yes, this is one website to bookmark because you get both handy information and to win prizes!

Salted Egg 1Image: Clockwise (L-R):  Delifrance Singapore – Salted Egg Croissant, Museo – Crispy Baby Octopus with Salted Egg Butte Sauce, Fatboy’s – Bikini Bottom, Ah Dong Teh House – Sizzling Salted Egg Carrot Cake


Salted egg is the king of versatility because you can have it incorporated in both sweet and savoury dishes! You can have a delicious salted egg main and end off with a delightful salted egg dessert.

Because salted egg can be used in so many ways, chefs from restaurants and cafes in Singapore have created the most unique and ingenious dishes using this amazing ingredient.

The Golden Duck Salted Egg Yolk CrispsImage: The Golden Duck – Gourmet Salted Egg Yolk Potato Chips

Here are some savoury salted egg dishes we absolutely love:
1. Salted Egg Yolk Capellini – Arteastiq
2. Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin Crisps – The Golden Duck Co
3. Salted Egg Pork Ribs – Mellben Seafood (Ang Mo Kio)
4. Salted Egg Prawn Pasta – Eighteen Chefs

Griddy Salted Egg Dessert WaffleImage: Griddy – Salted Egg & Caramel Dessert Waffle

Not forgetting some amazing salted egg desserts that are to die for:
1. Salted Egg Croissants – Delifrance Singapore
2. Salted Egg White Chocolate Fondue (Buffet) – Sheraton Towers Singapore
3. Salted Egg Yolk Prata Pizza – Big Street
4. Salted Egg & Caramel Dessert Waffle – Griddy

Chatterbox Salted Egg WingsImage: Chatterbox – Salted Egg Wings


Launched on 03 July 2017, is the website where you can uncover all the best salted egg dishes in Singapore.

You will be able to navigate through a map with adorable salted egg pins to find out where these restaurants are and what salted egg dishes they have. All details will be provided in each respective pin so it makes for easy referencing. It certainly does make your hunt for salted egg yolk food simpler!

The best part about this website? You get to win the coolest prizes simply by hashtagging #saltedeggshiok when you post photos on Instagram of your favourite salted egg dishes!

The Shiok-o-Meter counts the total number of hashtags and the more the hashtags, the bigger the prizes.

Royal plaza on scotts Salted eggImage: Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts – Salted Egg Gelato with Curry Leaves-infused Potato Crumbs

The lower tier prizes will change up and evolve to higher tier prizes as the number of hashtags increase. You can increase your chances by getting your friends to post and hashtag too!

– Tier 1 (50 hashtags): 1 X MBS Staycation and 5 X $50 Grab Vouchers
– Tier 2 (500 hashtags): 1 X 3D2N BKK Trip and 30 X $50 Grab Vouchers
– Tier 3 (2K hashtags): 1 X 4D3N HK Trip and 60 X $50 Grab Vouchers
– Tier 4 (5K hashtags): 1 X 5D4N Japan Trip and 100 X $50 Grab Vouchers

From a staycation to a full-blown holiday, the prizes for this campaign are just fantastic! The contest will run from now until 31 December 2017 so you can start hashtagging right away!

Collin's Potato Sidewinders with Salted Egg Cheese SauceImage: Collin’s – Potato Sidewinders with Salted Egg Cheese Sauce


There will also be a quarterly hashtagging contest where you can win mini prizes.

From now until 30 September 2017, hashtag #saltedeggsweet or #saltedeggsavoury on your post and stand a chance to win 20 x S$50 Grab vouchers! Remember to also hashtag #saltedeggshiok on that post.


What do you think is the salted egg dish that represents Singapore best? Vote for your favourite on the website with the National Dish Poll. If we had to choose, salted egg crab goes right on top of our list. What about you?

Get on board with the trend and start enjoying all the best salted egg dishes in Singapore with #saltedeggshiok!

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