7 Tips On Booking A Cheaper Flight

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Booking a cheaper flight is very possible, as long as you know of a few travel tips and tricks. Fret not, no complex and time-consuming techniques are required from your end and scoring a cheaper flight ticket can be easily achieved with a few fuss-free clicks.

From using Kayak Explore to determine the cheapest destination during a certain period to switching currency before you book a flight, here are 7 Tips On Booking A Cheaper Flight. Going on a vacation does not necessarily have to be costly affair after all. Bon Voyage!


To clear or not to clear, that is the question. Industry experts have been arguing on whether the impact of your browser’s cookies affect flight prices and we say it is better to be safe than sorry.

Some believe that websites are wired to raise the price of a route you have been eyeing on and as a result, an increment of air fares is highly likely. So, you’ve got your answer: go on and clear those cookies!

To be even safer, make sure you browse in private with incognito mode on your internet browser.

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Low-cost carriers are more often than not cheaper than full-service airlines. If travellers are willing to compensate legroom space, in-flight entertainment and complimentary meals, then they would be amazed by how they can actually save up to hundreds of dollars!

Having said that, there have been some strange incidents where budget airlines actually cost more than a full-service flight. So always do your research across various airlines before making that final decision.

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If you have a flexible schedule but limited cash, then perhaps deciding on the cheapest destination would be ideal in allowing you to score the cheapest possible air tickets.

Kayak Explore is a great flight planning tool that allows you to enter your departure city, the desired month and monitor the cheapest destination to fly into—stretching your dollar is guaranteed.


Camping by the computer and repeatedly searching multiple airlines’ booking portal every hour is simply not feasible.

This is when the following applications, namely Air Fare Watch Dog, Sidestep and Yapta can help take over the monitoring chores. These sites will inform you firsthand when the flight you desire has dropped in value.



Many travellers have made the impulsive and terrible mistake of purchasing an air ticket, only to realise he/she could not make it for the trip. Or worse still, something crops up and they are unable to fly.

Depending on the airline’s policies, some may allow the change of dates and even names. This is when Jump Flight comes in handy, where you can buy discounted plane tickets from them.


Before you book a flight, do a little experiment of switching your currencies to compare the flight prices. Depending on which currency you actually switch to, some scenarios will have you experiencing cheaper air fares!

We enjoyed this beneficial advantage most recently when we actually changed from SGD to MYR. Do also use a card that is free from foreign-transaction fees.

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Registering for Frequent Flyer Memberships is usually free and we strongly encourage everyone to sign up for it.

The gradual accumulation of miles will eventually allow you to redeem air tickets or score an upgrade. How could you resist a free ticket (excluding of airport taxes)?!