Things To Do In Macau


Macau, also known as the Monte Carlo of The Orient, is a renown gaming destination in Asia. With its economy based largely on tourism and gaming dollars, Macau is home to more than 30 casinos, and even more integrated resorts (IRs) and hotels – including many big names like Las Vegas Sands, Galaxy, Wynn and Sheraton.

You need not be a Blackjack fan to like the bustling city. Just a tour around the big IRs and there will surely be something to attract you – daily performances, shopping belts, popular restaurants and whatnot.

The Venetian

Venice in Macau

Lord Stow Egg Tart

My favorite has got to be The Venetian, by the Las Vegas Sands group. Modeled after the Italian city, the interior is that of blue skies (ceilings), complete with canals and gondola rides, an array of shops and restaurants of different sorts to cater to every kind of taste buds. And oh, do not forget to queue up for Macau’s most popular Lord Stow Bakery Egg Tarts – agreed by majority that they bake the best ones.


Another lush IR is Wynn, one of the oldest yet ever popular among locals and tourists alike. Its signature nightly Performance Lake and luxury shopping attract huge crowds on a daily basis.


Laurel's Dim Sum

For the sophisticated lot, do not miss a trip to Galaxy, one of the newest and biggest IR in Macau. Set to treat every patron like a royalty, Galaxy is a full-fledged IR with a huge casino, various room categories, a prestigious spa house, outdoor waterwave pool and sun-tan areas, and a whole directory of restaurants. Do a dimsum feast over at Laurel’s and treat yourself to an exotic Northern Indian cuisine at Spice Garden.

Tsui Wah

The best part about Macao is that you will never go bored and hungry at ungodly hours. Hungry at 2am? Sure, there are so many 24hrs eateries everywhere. Can’t sleep at 5am? Take a walk outside and be dazzled by the iconic neon lights and highways of the city that never sleeps.

Macau Sands

And in case you are wondering about getting around, you will be glad to know that most of the hotels and IRs provide free shuttle bus service to and fro the common ferry terminal, and selectively from hotels to hotels. Just be sure to check the timings as not all of them operate 24hrs.

Words and photographs by Melody Yap and ladyironchef