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Prada Factory Outlet

Yes, they weren’t kidding when they bestowed this name upon the place. It is The Mall, indeed. If there was only one place you could shop at when in Florence, it is undisputedly this factory outlet.

Admit it – deep down within us, we all love steals and cheap thrills. And trust me when I say you will thank me for this recommendation.

The Mall is an exclusive outlet destination for luxury goods at a fraction of its original prices. Situated at the outskirt of Florence and at an unassuming enclave in the green Tuscan hills, a day at The Mall is a promising experience. The air in the open is fresh and crisp, the boundless skies are blue and calming, the surrounding is a humble and quiet neighborhood. We spent an entire afternoon there – shopping (well, needless to say), indulging in a mid-day snack, and to simply bask in the serenity of the countryside.

For the fashion slaves (like me), be enthralled by the array of high-end fashion brands The Mall has to offer. Expect discounted past season items from brands like Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Dior, Bottega Veneta, Sergio Rossi, Marni… really, I could go on and on.

Are you already excited? Wait till you hear about this MiuMiu satchel that I got for €450 – approximately S$640 after VAT refund, and an unbelievable €70 Dior necklace – approximately S$99 after VAT refund.

The Mall Florence

Generally, the discounts are at least 20% off its original prices, and as tourists, we are entitled to a 12% VAT refund for purchases above €155 – as long as the items are billed together in the same receipt. For maximum convenience, you may even process your refund(s) at the designated office located at the foot of The Mall. There is even an option to get your VAT refunds back in cash – but I think this is a conspiracy, because when they refund you in cash, you then have more money to shop! Evil, but quite honestly, very thoughtful.

Florence Factory Outlet

For shopaholics, dedicate at least 5-7 hours for a complete experience. Shopping is never fun when rushed. If you have limited time, capitalize your hours there on bigger boutiques that have wider ranges to boast – Prada (together with MiuMiu and Car Shoe), Gucci, Burberry, Tod’s (together with Hogan), Fendi.

Many asked about shopping at Prada – it was a mind-blowing experience for me. Prada is a hot favorite among the shoppers, without a doubt. Almost everyone at The Mall could be seen carrying a Prada paper bag. I was supremely bewildered by the massive selection the stand-alone boutique had to offer – think of small leather goods like cardholders and key pouches starting at €50, a classic A4-sized leather bag going for as low as €350, men’s shoes at €120…

Yea, you got the idea. Now you know I meant it when I said you wouldn’t want to miss The Mall, don’t you?

The Mall

Getting to The Mall is a slight hassle, but the trip will be worth the while. It is a thirty-minute drive from Florence. You can either drive there on your own, or take a public bus from the Florence Busitalia/ Sita bus company station, which is close to the central train station. A single ticket is €5, and buses run daily from Monday to Sunday (including public holidays). Do check the timings at the bus station, and be there 10 minutes earlier to ensure a seat.

Have fun shopping, and don’t forget to increase your credit card limit(s) prior to your trip!

Words and photographs by Melody Yap


Hi Melody, I thought Prada is not at the mall? I read online that you will need to take a taxi to prada? I’m going in September so want to get more information. Thank your

@KC There are two prada factory outlets in Florence. One of them is the one that we have mentioned in this post, at The Mall. The other is Prada Space at Montevarchi, which you need to take a taxi.

Hi may I know which month you visited the mall? I am planning a trip and am wondering if there will be similar deals when I go in june (because it is one month before the summer sale starts in italy) how was the food in florence? Any recommendations? :) thanks!

Hi Melody, i would like to check with you, iszit Prada and Miu Miu outside the Mall Outlet but somewhere near the Mall Outlet, as i did see these two brands in the the mall official website?

Hi we would be taking the public bus to the mall, i am a bit confused if we can actually walk to the prada outlet? or we have to take a cab?

Hi! Is there really a prada outlet at the mall? I’ve been searching online but can’t find the info! Am headed there very soon so hope you can reply asap :)

Dear Melody,
i am taking a cruise trip from Rome next month and wil be stopping over Pisa for about 12 hours.I would appreciate if you can advise what is the quickest and most economical way to get to the Mall outlet in Florence.

Thanks and regards,


Hi! Is there really a prada outlet at the mall? I’ve been searching online but can’t find the info! Am headed there very soon so hope you can reply asap

The Prada outlet is at The Mall. Walking distance 1 min. Have fun. We going next week. Check out the Space outlet that about 30 min drive. Thats really the place to buy Prada. Enjoy.

Hi, Prada is not listed on The Mall official website. Is it easy to find once get of the shuttle bus? Can you point out the direction? I want to check that out as the first store. I will be there next week. Thanks!

Hello everybody!

I went to The Mall summer 2013 and it was amazing!
I loved the shopping and the great deals. And yes, Prada is there too

Melody.. do you know the phone number for Prada there? I purchased a lot of stuff and two items were very badly made, a pair of Prada black Flip Flops one of them got ripped off after a month’s use and a pair of Gucci sunglasses they did fit when I tried them on but when I pay they gave me a different pair that I used when I got home and they were overly open so when I use them they fall from my face… big disappointment because this isn’t fair, defect items just for selling them is fraud

anyways, that was my experience

To help those who are lost fashion puppies, here is the low down.

Ten fifteen years back or so, these outlets were for the locals. Once the word got out and travel companies bring in tourists in droves, gone are the low prices. The Space outlet in Montevarchi were selling items so cheap that you will think that its fake. 30-100 euros for shoes no kidding. Back then, they house the company’s entire fashion portfolio…remember those days when Helmut Lang was bought over by Prada before subsequently sold off to the Japanese. These days the prices are still lower than the retail shops but not drastically reduced as before. So its a hit or miss.

The Mall then came onto the scene and prices were decent. Nowadays, throngs of tourists decend at the Mall each day and it is now virtually a tourist attraction. You dont find many local italians shopping there. In the last few years, Prada opened an outlet there for tourists and gucci changed its location. It is so geared towards tourists that they have Japanese attendants and even a tax refund centre there. Clearly, the locals are not going to fall for this trap.

In the last 2 years, there is a newer mall called the Fashion Valley down the road. It is dead quiet as the prices are still steep for an outlet. But you do get some other brands such as Dsquared2. D&G, Celine etc has their own outlets in the same region but you will need to drive or take a cab.

These tourists outlets do have sales too. The italian sales are strictly regulated by authories and start on a specific time. Usually, the summer sales start the first saturday of July. To get to The Mall, there are lots of local and tourist buses that ply the route. Its about 4 euros each way. The Space outlet is further away ( about 30 minutes drive). To get there, car pool with others as the taxi fare is steep. There are many fashion victims like yourself seeking transport. You could also take the train and catch a 10 minute cab ride to the Space outlets. You can call a cab or just take one of the minivan type where they charge only 3 euros per person.

Should you visit? I think so since you probably travelled all the way there for this. It is not as cheap as before but definitely cheaper than the downtown shops. You do get your Vat back, so its ok I guess. Personally, I prefer to fly in a day before the official sales and shop downtown. The variety is better and the prices are not too bad when you compare them to the outlets.

So you might ask..where do the locals go to shop for their designer gear. Its hush hush for now for they fear they will all turn into the tourist outlets. Want to know more? Nah, I shall keep it to myself for now. I could be bribed :P

Enjoy Italy!

Hi Shaun! Can you please share? I promise I won’t tell! and I’m willing to bribe! Haha :P

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