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French restaurants are aplenty in Singapore, it is not difficult to find good French food here. But if you are on a hunt for a pocket-friendly option, the options become considerately limited. So I was quite excited to hear about Poulet, a casual French restaurant, by the Thai Express group, at the new Bugis+ (previously Illuma) which specialises in poulet rôti (roast chicken).

On Poulet’s menu, you can find appetisers ($5.80 to $9.80) like escargot, saute wild mushroom and French onion soup; main courses ($8.80 to $15.80) like Iberico pork belly, Smith chicken and egg mayo sandwich, and braise de poulet; and desserts ($6.80 to $7.80) such as banana bread pudding, tiramisu and caramelised apple in puffy tart.

French Starters

We started with a salad de Paris ($9.80), a simple garden salad with tomato, avocado and roasted pine nut with French dressing. Next up was half a dozen of escargot ($8.80) with tomato fondue and garlic butter. Both appetisers were okay, but nothing to shout about.

beef bourguignon

After which, we shared three main courses. The beef ($15.80) in red wine sauce with carrot and onion arrived first. For the price, we thought that it was very decent.

braise de canard

Flavour-wise, the braise de canard ($15.80) in sweet wine sauce was good, but texture-wise, it was way too dense for our liking.

The star of the show, something that you must order at Poulet, is the poulet roti ($15.80 for half, $28.80 for whole). I’d come back just to eat the chicken.

We agreed that the main courses were competent. Our only grouse is that they could do with some starch given that the portions are pretty small.

Apple Tart

From the dessert menu, we ordered a banana bread pudding ($6.80) and apple tart ($7.80). The banana and warm bread pudding served with vanilla ice cream was run-of-the-mill. Luckily, the baked caramelised Granny Smith apple in puffy tart was good, and we ended our meal on a sweet note.

Poulet Bugis

All in all, Poulet is a casual dining place that serves affordable and decent French fare. The food is acceptable; and at these prices, there is little to fault.

Poulet Restaurant
201 Victoria Street
Level 4 Bugis+, Singapore
Tel: +65 6509 9411
Daily: 11.30am – 9.30pm

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I’ve been to Poulet twice (once in Bugis+ and another at GWC), whilst food is great and there’s really nothing to fault at those prices, but service is so lacking it makes you fume at having to pay service charge.

The queue was long outside Bugis+ when I went on a Monday and there were empty tables waiting to be occupied. Instead of sitting their waiting guests, the mgr was just walking around looking at whether other people have finished their food. I asked, “Hi why don’t you let people sit inside? There’s a few empty tables.” His reply,”Mdm u have your plans, we have ours.” What sort of reply is that? 15 mins later, he sat another couple waiting just in front of us to that table. What’s the plan/logic in keeping those tables empty for 15 mins? There were 5 staffs working. More than enough for the area. So yes I’ll go back for the food again, but service will be a sore point.

I went to the newly opened outlet once at bugis plus. Found the chicken dry and there isn’t much taste. My French friend made much delicious roasted chicken and so have I. The trick to juicy and tender chicken isnt anything too technical, just labour intensive because of the frequent checking and turning the chicken as it basks for an hour in the oven. Hmmm It isn’t worth wasting calories here unless there aren’t other choices around.

Poulet was one of my to-dine at restaurant on my list.
Headed to Vivo branch last night for dinner.
Service was not too bad but the food was just mediocre.
I guess there is little to fault at these prices :)
Fried prawn fritters were quite a disappointment; similar to Ebi tempura.
Lamb shanks were tender except for it’s strong taste which some might not like.
Signature dish; poulet roti was not too bad. Tender and the sauce complimented it except that it has no side dishes to come with it. Ordered the sauteed vegetables; very ordinary. Just carrots, cauliflower and asparagus.

Might just head back to try their pork dishes or desserts :)

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